The lower part of belly is the most common part people are fed up with and want to change.Often, when you have changed every muscle in your body, lower abs won’t cooperate. Seriously dude, in my opinion and experience you can do ab exercises till you can’t stand straight for as long as you want and not spot a single pack. The double leg lift may work your abs but puts an extreme amount of pressure via the hip flexor muscles and leaves one at a great risk for herniating a lumbar disc or two. Muscle exercise is helpful over all, but this article isn’t for the obese people trying to lose weight. This exercise works the entire abdominis muscle wall, particularly the lower half of the muscle group. This exercise works the frontal abdominal wall, particularly the lower half of the abdominals. This exercise works the frontal abdominals, especially the lower half of the abdominal muscles. If you want more specific training and dietary strategies for building lean defined abdominals, then you should check out Tom Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle website. Then, contracting your lower abdominal muscles, and tightening the muscles of your legs, lift them straight up vertically, and hold them there for a few seconds.
Then, contract the lower ab muscles and lift your right leg up slowly, until it is 90 degrees to your body.

Actually I am having problems with my bulged stomach and these Abs exercises hope to find me a solution to some extend.. These kind of exercises are good for people who don’t have much time to go to the gym.
Then lower them down until they are a few inches off the floor, and hold it there again for a few seconds. Then, equally slowly, lower it back down, until it is a few inches off the floor, while simultaneously raising your left leg. They will give you extra definition for your obliques and lower abs, that are two areas many people have a problem with. Then, contracting your lower abs, and maintaining your bent knees, gradually lower your legs until the soles of your feet are just a couple of inches off the floor. Keep repeating this scissoring action, keeping your lower abs contracted, about 8-10 times, to start with. Then increasing the contraction in your abs, lift your knees up again, bringing them towards your chest.
If you wish to know things about how to turn the heads of girls, then here are some helpful exercises for six pack abs.Helpful Exercises Tips for Six pack AbsExercise ballWhile looking at an exercise ball, feet firmly on the floor, walk the body forward, positioning the ball to your lower back.
Contract your abs to boost your torso, bringing up no more than 45 degrees out of your thighs.

Raise your knees up close for your chest and then lower them, ensuring to carefully control the entire move men.
Be certain to use minimal weight for the first couple of squats, until you better know how much you can lift while keeping a stable core.Mountain ClimbersWell, the mountain climber is fairly self-explanatory, but a great core exercise!
Using your legs and keeping both hands stationary, alternate your legs as much as your chest having a your foot landing flat on the floor at the chest.Six Pack Abs Lumber RollLie on the floor together with your legs bent and the feet straight out off the floor.
Do ten for every side.Six Pack Abs Straight Leg RollDone much like the rolls above, the exception is you raise your legs straight up into the air. Do ten of those for each side.Six Pack Abs Side crunchLie on floor in crunch position together with your knees raised and the feet flat on the floor. Do 10 both sides.These helpful exercises for six pack abs for men are shown to have worked for many so you may want to try it out and discover for yourself if it is likely to work for you as well.

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