If you’re looking for a protein powder with smooth taste and great benefits to your workout, take a closer look at Her Whey: The Ultimate Lean Protein, made by NLA for her. A big issue among protein powders for women can be the taste, but Her Whey features a smooth, sweet Vanilla Cupcake flavor, which works great by itself, mixed with almond or soy milk, or blends well into a smoothie of any flavor.
Her Whey: The Ultimate Lean Protein not only tastes good, but it is full of nutritional benefits to amp up your workout, keep your body satisfied and strong, and allow you to work out at your max performance level. Taken after a workout, Her Whey offers great recovery benefits, as the protein replenishes and nourishes your body and muscles, and the added amino acids produce added benefits of faster recovery time, so you can get back out there and train faster, giving you max benefits in the gym. Her Whey: The Ultimate Lean Protein is not only a great pre and post workout snack, but also can be used as an energy boosting snack or meal in the form of a drink, smoothie, or in recipes.
Looking at the price of Her Whey, we can see that it’s a good buy for the money, as it costs around XX cents per ounce; you are getting quality, tasty, pure whey isolate for a good price, and the large canister will last you through many hard workouts and recoveries, so you can worry more about your next set of reps and less about filling your shopping cart.
Her Whey is a great option if you’re a woman looking for a protein powder to amp up your performance, control your cravings, or just have a tasty, nutritional beverage. Many women search for a protein powder that will aide them in their weight loss goals and allow them an easy way to have a filling yet low calorie meal to help avoid cravings and temptations of high calorie foods. When it comes to nutritional statistics, Protein Milkshake Bar’s flavors hold up to other brands of protein powder for women pretty well. Protein Milkshake Bar  is formulated as a high quality protein source, and its whey protein blend is made for women trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight in an easy way. The world of protein powders for women is wide and diverse; there is a grand variety of flavors, formulas, and mixes which offer women quite a large amount of choices best to suit their needs.
Despite its lack of flavoring, NOW Sports Whey Protein has a lot of great benefit, and is full of super ingredients to help you meet your training, nutritional, or weight loss goals. NOW Sports whey protein comes in various sizes, so you can order the size that best meets your needs. NOW Sports Whey Protein is a good choice for women wanting a simple protein formula without added flavor.
When seeking a protein powder that will not only help you build a lean, tone figure but also is a healthy natural product, your options can feel limited.
Being an all-natural product, Gold Standard Natural 100% Whey is a great choice for vegetarians and those who take clean eating seriously.
Gold Standard Natural 100% Whey Protein Powder comes in both vanilla and chocolate flavors so you can select your favorite tasting protein and get to work.
Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Natural 100% Whey is a reasonably priced product that features a high quality protein blend. The price of Isopure is solidly mid-range, but it is a worthy product to spend on, and you can find it in many different sizes, from a small bag to a large bucket, depending on your protein powder consumption. Nature’s Best Isopure gives you a smooth, carb-free beverage that can be used to achieve many different goals that a woman might have involving health and fitness.
Being an all-natural product, Plant Fusion is a great option for vegans and vegetarians, as well as anyone focused on their health and eating a clean and whole diet.
In conclusion, Plant Fusion is a great choice if you have special dietary needs but still desire a protein powder to supplement, lose weight, or gain muscle tone. Protein Powders for women can be a difficult world to navigate; there are so many different kinds, flavors, formulas and types that it can be hard to decide which protein powder is best for you. Fitmiss Delight protein powder is gluten free, but does include milk, soy, and egg ingredients. Overall, Fitmiss Delight is a great option for women looking to lose some weight and do it in a healthy fashion without sacrificing taste and nutrients. Many women out there who are concerned about their body and fitness are having trouble finding a protein powder mix that is made for them. Let’s take a moment to look more closely at the protein blend offered by Lean Dessert.
Looking at the protein blend and overall makeup of Lean Dessert we believe it to be a good choice for women looking for a low calorie late night snack. Her Whey is a great source of protein for use before or after a tough workout, for women looking to gain lean muscle and sculpt a better body. It contains 28 grams of protein in the two scoop serving in the form of whey isolate; you get a whole spectrum of amino acids in those two scoops, as well as many added vitamins and minerals essential for a woman’s body, including calcium and folic acid. The 28 grams of lean protein keep your body full and focused on the task at hand, so you can concentrate more on your performance and work and less on having a snack or making it to your next meal. Feeding your muscles post-workout can allow you more quality training time and less chance for injury and problems. Increasing your protein consumption in your daily meals with allow you to stay fuller longer, keep temptations at bay, and stay alert and focused as you go throughout your busy day. It’s tasty, easy to drink, and full of nutritional benefits to leave you feeling your best.
Even when one’s weight loss goal is achieved, a quality protein powder can help a woman maintain her progress by providing that same low calorie, filling option.
Their vanilla flavor offers 22 grams of quality whey protein for a mere 120-150 calories per 1 scoop serving.

One great thing about the Protein Milkshake Bar brand is the variety of tasty flavors that they offer. By merely substituting a Protein Milkshake powder into the base of your choice twice a day, you can come closer to your weight loss goals by smashing those food cravings and staying full, so you’ll be tempted to eat less when those feelings come along. It is a mid-priced option great for those women looking to lose weight and maintain nutrition without a lot of fuss. While some women look for a protein powder with flavor and special additivites, some women are also searching for something more basic and natural, to be used in a variety of ways, whether it be as a nutritional supplement, weight training boost, or weight loss aide. However, your price per ounce is less when you buy a larger amount, so if you plan to consume NOW Sports Whey Protein at a regular rate, it might benefit you to buy a larger quanitoty for the best value. This protein can be added easily and seamlessly to juices, drinks, smoothies, or foods as a way to increase protein consumption in a natural and clean way.
Isopure boasts that it is made of 100% whey protein isolate; most other protein powders feature a combination of isolates, concentrations, etc. Many people follow a low carb diet as a way to lose weight or build muscle, and Isopure’s lack of any carbs allows you to continue on your plans without sacrificing a solid protein powder for your needs. Isopure allows women a great carb-free option for their goals in health and fitness; you’ll be well on your way to meeting those goals with this product!
Its high protein yield gives you a lot of bang for your buck, and the added vitamins and minerals give you the extra goodies you need to hit that new PR, gain that max rep, or jump to a new level of fitness. Plant Fusion uses a plant protein ”fusion” as they call it, which is a combination of plant proteins leaving it fully vegan.
Speaking of free, Plant Fusion is also soy, dairy, and gluten free, as well as hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about food allergies or other issues when consuming this protein powder. Women seek out protein powders for many reasons, from weight building to weight loss, muscle recovery to nutrition supplement.
Also to benefit your weight loss goals, Fitmiss Delight gives you those 16 grams of protein in only 90 calories, which is one of the lowest calorie products we have tested among protein powders for women. It features a high protein yield and added vitamins and blends to be a fully healthy product. Many people have turned from their former SAD (Standard America Diet) ways andare now looking to cleaner, healthier options for their meals. Through our taste testing of many different types of protein powders for women, Her Whey tested high in the taste category, so it’s easy to see what a great option it would be for you.
The product yields 56% protein per serving, which is on the lower end when it comes to protein powders we tested. The whey protein is a complete protein, meaning easy digestion for most and a protein less processed than soy-based protein powders. If you are trying to avoid fancy desserts to help your weight loss process, then these protein powders allow you a little indulgence to help you along the way from flab to fit.
For weight maintenance once you reach your goal, consuming one scoop per day of Protein Milkshake, especially in the morning, can get you off to the right start and keep you on the right path to maintain your healthy weight and show off your super body! The wide option of tasty flavors allows for women with all different tastes to enjoy a quality protein powder for their weight loss or weight maintenance needs.
If you are on the search for a protein powder made for women that isn’t full of fancy flavorings, it would be best to look into NOW Sports Organic Whey Protein. For this reason, it is recommended that you mix NOW Sports Whey Protein with a flavored beverage or smoothie ingredients, if you are looking to have some flavor in your protein. Finding the correct balance of healthy foods and fitness activities allows the body to achieve maximum results and feel and look its best. Here you get a more filtered, pure product that will digest well and allow your muscles to fully reap the benefits of a quality protein product. The instantized formula stays gentle on your tummy and its easy to drink after any workout for a quick boost and aide in muscle recovery. It can be a tough row to hoe when you are vegan or vegetarian and also looking for optimum performance in your body. The protein comes from pea protein, artichoke protein, and a blend of amaranth and quinoa powders, for a “fusion” of whole, healthy ingredients. Plant Fusion offers a clean product, while keeping in mind consumers who might have special dietary needs and desires but still need a protein source to keep them energized, strong, and building muscle. You’ll receive 4 plant proteins without worrying about artificial additives, and the enzyme blend will leave things easy on your stomach. If you’re looking at a protein powder that will help you along your weight loss journey, one to consider is Delight, the women’s complete protein shake from FitMiss.
The drink has very little odor, but the taste makes it smooth going down and a great option for a breakfast or lunch shake. The composition of the protein of this product is unique; it consists of whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate, but also features a special mix called Solathin, which is a potato and egg based protein. It comes in very cute packaging, perfect for the girly girl looking for a great protein shake that is made just for women. Her Whey contains dairy and soy ingredients, as well as natural and artificial flavoring, and also boasts a “Lean mass promoting” complex containing various ingredients such as sunflower oil to nourish your body to work and compete at its best.

A wide variety of decadent sounding flavors allows a woman to indulge in the dessert flavors without the guilt of actual desserts. Protein Milkshake offers the following flavors in their arsenal of protein powders: chocolate mousse, cinnamon bun, cream puff, cupcake batter, ice cream sandwich with chocolate cookie, rocky road, strawberry shortcake, vanilla caramel, and vanilla premium. However, for those who don’t mind a tasteless product, you can easily mix this powder in water for a basic protein drink without any smell or taste. This ultrafiltered powder is free of anything additional, so you are given only pure protein, nothing more. Protein powders are a great helper for women aiming to achieve this healthy and fit balance in their lives. The Isopure product does not have a strong flavor, however, so if you are looking for something with a very strong taste, this is not your product. Isopure also yields a whopping 81% protein in each 2 scoop serving, and with 50 grams of protein in that two scoop serving, you’re gaining a lot of protein without a lot of excess.
They also add various vitamins and minerals to the powder to help your body run at its best.
The product contains 21 grams of these plant proteins in a one-scoop serving, and yield 70% protein per serving; it’s a great, pure choice if you’re looking for clean, natural protein. Weight loss for women can be a difficult and frustrating journey, as our cravings, emotions, and hormones can affect how and what we eat each day. Even if you’re an active person looking to gain muscle, a vegetarian looking to eat a balanced diet, or a person trying to lose those last five pounds, eating cleaner and using clean supplements and protein powders can help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. Losing weight doesn’t have to be about missing out on your favorite sweet flavors, and with Protein Milkshake Bar, you can enjoy those flavors without sacrificing your weight loss goals. The protein yield of Protein Milkshake comes in at about XX%, which competes with other protein brands similar to it. The product mixed into water well, according to our taste testers, and offered a taste-free option for a protein source. NOW Sports protein uses whey concentrate as their primary ingredient, with a yield of 79% protein per serving. One solid protein option for women looking to increase their health and fitness levels is Isopure by Nature’s Best.
Because it lacks a strong sweetness and isn’t very overhwleming, Isopure would work great as mix into your morning smoothie, some protein pancakes, or with milk and ice for a tasty shake.
If you are watching your weight, Isopure is not a bad option, as those 50 grams of protein only come with a cost of 210 calories. There are several great protein powders for women on the market that take these needs into account, and one such protein powder is Plant Fusion, a product made by Nutra Fusion Nutritionals.
FitMiss Delight boasts many benefits to women seeking a formula that will aid in weight loss by curbing hunger and cravings while still consuming the appropriate viatmins and minerals necessary to live and thrive. As for other additions, Fitmiss Delight does add in a few extra nutrients, like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, which are all important facets in women’s health.
A great option as a supplement, meal replacement, and protein podwer for women is Garden of Life’s Raw Meal powder. Protein Milkshake Bar is easy to drink, features many flavor options, and allows for a filling meal or snack with a low carb and low calorie profile.
Try one or try them all; you could also experiment with mixing flavors together to create the ultimate in combinations for your post-gym boost, your morning breakfast, or a late night indulgence.
Mixed with juice, smoothie ingredients, or in a snack allows you to get the protein you want with the taste you desire.
Isopure comes in various flavors, including chocolate and creamy vanilla, and it is a great way for women to include a protein powder into their diet while achieving new levels of fitness, whether that be in the weight room, out on the roads, or in the gym.
Plant Fusion has quite a few great features that make it a perfect choice for the vegan or vegetarian athelete or lifter looking for a great protein powder. Based on these findings, we recommend Plant fusion as a good option for mixing with other items, such as almond milk, ice, fruits or veggies. Raw Meal is billed as a “Beyond organic snack and meal replacement,” and it also contains enough protein per serving to be considered a protein powder for women as well. It also is a good choice as a dietary supplement for vegan or vegetarian eaters who need to supplement more protein sources into their diets without the use of animal products. NOW Sports Whey Protein contains a very odd shaped scooper that is hard to measure and contain in the jar, and causes a lot of mess when trying to use the product. While NOW Sports Whey Protein is a significant source of pure, organic protein, it does not contain added viatmins and minerals as some other protein powders for women do. It is not a deal breaker for the product, but some of our testers found it highly annoying. NOW Sports Whey Protein would also be a great choice for weight lifters looking for a good pre or post workout snack, as the protein in this formula helps muscle work at its best and helps for muscle recovery when the workout is complete.

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