Best Body Supplements has not long opened their doors but already they have a steady following of devoted fans. Rainbow Light Organic Plant-Based Iron Twenty percent of pregnant women in the United States are iron-deficient, yet traditional iron supplements can be difficult to digest and absorb.
Swisse Sleep Mood and stress supplements are on trend, with many focused on ensuring natural solutions for restful sleep.
From gummies to drinks, organic to vegan, eye health to brain health, this year's Natural Products Expo West supplement picks run the gamut of new and emerging trends. Located at 323 Hillsborough Road, Warners Bay, best Body Supplements retials sport supplements for weight loss, muscle build and lidido.

MegaFood to the rescue: The whole-foods supplement pioneer just launched a certified vegan line that's formulated to meet vegans' needs—and bolster a few common nutrient weak spots.
Rainbow Light also has yummy new gummies for kids (Probiolicious probiotics) and adults (Berrylicious 2,500 IU Vitamin D3), but none without sugar yet.
7 This brand-new joint-pain supplement—which Solgar is boldly calling "the next generation after glucosamine"—combines seven ingredients (vitamins, herbs and type II collagen) and promises relief within seven days. Made from certified organic curry leaves, this whole-food, plant-based, new product may be better tolerated by the body—and it’s vegan. Developed by an ophthalmologist, Ojo is a supplement drink featuring lutein and a host of other synergistic vitamins and extracts.

And the unique bottle may attract new customers tired of the countless lookalikes on supplement shelves.

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