Connor Lutz, IPF world record bench press holder [403 Lb] in the 183 Lb class, has been featured by Jonnie Candito to give his opinion on why everyone should pause their bench repetitions on the chest. Connor believes it is very important to pause all of your bench press repetitions in training, especially as a beginner. This entry was posted in Powerlifting Articles, Video Articles and tagged Bench Press, Bench Press Tips, Candito Training HQ, Connor Lutz, Paused Bench Press on April 13, 2014 by Katelyn. Powerlifter Eric Spoto just broke the world record for raw bench press (meaning that the lift was not assisted by any sort of equipment, popular one being the benchpress shirt). According to Connor having the ability to stop the weight on your chest; no sinking in, or teetering, will lead to a faster press command from the judge.

Your touch and go bench potentially might not help your paused bench, because you’re lacking the ability to stabilize that bar on your chest, and to be comfortable under load in a static position on your chest. At the signal of the judges, the man successfully pressed a ridiculously impressive 722 lb (327.5 kg), at the Southern Powerlifting Federation California State Powerlifting Meet in Sacramento, California on May 19, 2013.
The previous record was being held by Scott Mendelson who pressed 715 pounds (324.3 kg) on May 22, 2005 at the New England Bench Press Classic. At the event, Eric Spoto lifted 661 lb (300 kg) on his first attempt, followed by 716 lb (325 kg) and his final lift of 722 pounds earning him 5 500$ prize money while making him the top ranked raw bench presser in the world today. This is somewhat of a problem in the powerlifting community because we sometimes get the feeling that judges are there to make sure a world record is broken on that day.

Scott Mendelson has now lost his title (the equipped benchpress one as well, in 2013 to Paul Meeker). We will see for sure, but I remember seeing a couple videos of him around April 2013 where he tries to raw bench 716 lbs and gets injured in the process. And If you look at how many records are set with a shitty official, and a quick press, its sick.

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