Pictured of the defaced posters have appeared on Facebook, such as this which someone had covered with a note which reads: '1 You're body is fine just as it is. Yes, you could argue that the term ‘beach body’ is a term that is based on the fabricated norms of the fit and healthy, or that it tries to exclude people of a larger body type from spending time on the beach. If we think rationally then surely this isn’t the case, people aren’t implying you can’t enjoy the beach unless you look like this pic, I do not think for one minute that this was what Protein World were doing with their advertising at all.

Although, heeding Mr Munger’s advice I will try to disprove myself and look at it from a larger (or smaller) person’s point of view when going to the beach with a body that looks nothing like the one on the poster. Answer… No, at least I don’t think so, I appreciate feminists have taken their stance on this, but would it not be more discriminative if the lady was overweight or obese, surely the ads message would then be implying that overweight people need to take this slimming supplement.
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