Testosterone drugs like AndroGel have recently been linked to serious injuries such as heart attack, stroke and cardiac death. Men using Testosterone Replacement Therapy drugs are at risk and could experience serious side effects, including heart attack, stroke and even death. Emerging research shows that testosterone treatments like AndroGel® could cause debilitating side effects, such as heart attack, stroke or death. Tell your doctor immediately if any of these serious side effects occur: swelling (edema), trouble breathing (including very slow or shallow breathing), trouble urinating.
Tell your doctor immediately if any of these highly unlikely but very serious side effects occur: low blood sugar (symptoms such as shakiness, nervousness, rapid pulse, sweating). Androgel is not recommended for use if you have the following medical conditions: breast cancer (males), prostate cancer.
The application site on your skin can transfer Androgel to others during direct skin contact.
Caution is advised when using Androgel in the elderly because they may be more sensitive to the side effects of Androgel. Men who used this testosterone medication may want to consider filing an AndroGel lawsuit if they suffered a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular event during treatment. According to company data, AbbVie spent $80 million on direct-to-consumer advertising for AndroGel in 2013.
The FDA had expressed concern in the past about some of the tactics used to market AndroGel, even before the drug was launched on the market. The FDA decided to take a closer look at drugs like AndroGel after two studies found that the use of these medications might cause heart attacks and other potentially fatal heart problems in some men.

Among other things, plaintiffs in AndroGel lawsuits claim that the aggressive marketing tactics used to drive sales of the drug caused many men to be prescribed AndroGel, even though they were not suffering from low testosterone levels. Wright & Schulte LLC is offering free AndroGel lawsuit consultations to victims of serious heart events related to the use of this low testosterone therapy, as well as their families. Federal AndroGel Lawsuit Multidistrict Litigation Sought by Plaintiffs, Wright & Schulte LLC Reports More Than 30 AndroGel Lawsuits Have Been Filed in Federal Courts Since FDA Announced Safety Review of Heart Risks Potentially Associated with Low Testosterone Therapy Medications. The benefits of AndroGel also include an improved libido, increased energy, a leaner physique, more strength, and an improved sense of well being. As the primary male androgen, testosterone is responsible for maintaining male secondary sexual characteristics. Do to the relatively high price and low effective dose, this and other similar hydroalcoholic transdermal tend not to be traded very often on the black market. The attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC are committed to ensuring that the alleged victims of AndroGel heart problems receive the justice they deserve.
Like other testosterone treatments, AndroGel is approved to treat men who present with low or no testosterone due to an underlying medical condition.
In 1997, for example, the company that developed AndroGel received a warning letter from the agency for a press release that touted the medication as a treatment for low testosterone levels associated with aging. The elevated amounts of estrogen in the body causes side effects including, but not limited to, water retention, weight or fat gain, and gynecomastia. To learn more, please contact Wright & Schulte LLC as soon as possible for a free, no-obligation AndroGel lawsuit consultation to ensure you are treated fairly and receive all of the compensation the law allows. However, a number of AndroGel lawsuits claim that these advertising efforts constituted intentional “disease mongering,” and caused many men to seek treatment with AndroGel despite having no medical need for the drug.

Three years later, the FDA sent another warning letter which took issue with similar claims that the agency said were misleading, and reiterated that AndroGel was only approved to treat low testosterone caused by an associated illness or injury. AndroGel may also adversely affect blood pressure and triglycerides amongst other cardiovascular effects. Hence, one can safely presume that any AndroGel acquired has a high probability of being legitimate. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) launched a review of AndroGel and other low testosterone therapies in January 2014 after a number of studies raised concerns about their potential heart risks. Since its approval in 2000, AndroGel sales have propelled it to blockbuster status, with $1.15 billion in 2012 sales.
The only difference is AndroGel is a topical gel applied to the skin whereas Androderm is a patch.
As per normal, testosterone based compounds like AndroGel are not recommended for women due to virilizing effects such as deepening of the voice and clitoral enlargement.
In the wake of the FDA’s announcement, several AndroGel lawsuits were filed on behalf of men who allegedly suffered serious cardiovascular problem following treatment with the popular testosterone gel.

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