It was Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, calling to say he wanted Wilson to play for him in New England. After spending 12 seasons in Arizona, and playing in just six playoff games, Wilson was open to a cross-country move if it meant another shot at a Super Bowl. In Wilson, the Patriots get a physical veteran safety in a secondary that needs leadership. Wilson knows father time isn’t on his side, but NFL rules have also changed drastically since he was taken in the third round of the 2001 draft.

Changing uniforms means Wilson will enter a completely new locker room come July, and he admits he doesn’t have any connections to his new teammates. That’s not a call that you send to voicemail,” Wilson said in his first media availability since signing a three-year deal with New England.
Despite the rules changes, Wilson is going to keep conveying his hard-hitting ways to his new teammates. Coach Belichick was very upfront and I have nothing but total respect for him and what the organization has done throughout the years,” said Wilson.

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