This is the lifting portion of the Minnesota Vikings’ off-season training program that Adrian does. Adrian Peterson, a Texan footballer born in March 21, 1985, does this every day and as an NFL National Football League key player, he basically lives in and out of the season to be fit and healthy. Adrian also reiterates to budding fitness conscious out there to don’t forget to take their rest for your mind and your muscles. He says he works out for four or five times a week and does track workouts, MMA work and kickboxing for variety.

Peterson told ESPN in February that he was "still uneasy" about returning to the Vikings in 2015, believing the team did not support him sufficiently in the wake of his indictment on child abuse charges last September. Adrian is also a record holder of garnering the most rushing yards in a game (296) and everyone’s first overall pick draft in the fantasy game.
After Peterson was reinstated, the team released a short statement, saying, "We look forward to Adrian rejoining the Vikings."If Peterson was to sit out the Vikings' whole offseason program, the team could fine him up to $72,920 for missing its mandatory minicamp, in addition to withholding his offseason bonus. At the moment, though, it is neither costly nor out of the ordinary for Peterson to stay away from Minnesota.

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