Given that the Ab Carver routine only takes around 1- 15 minutes per day and can be done in the comfort of your own home, its a great little addition to have to supplement your workout routine.
A couple of days later and delivered to work, the brown Amazon box arrived (a massive box for the size of the product inside by the way!) and I spent the day excited about my new toy and giving it a whirl (pun intended) that evening when I got home. The user guide is pretty useless as it only contains assembly instructions and no guide on how you should use the wheel or any kind of training program. HOWEVER – There is a workout guide on-line located here and this is what I will be using for the 21 day Ab Carver review to see if its any good. The supplied knee pads are a nice touch and save your knees from carpet burn but personally, I’d have preferred to have been supplied with some wearable knee pads as the knee mats are pretty small and its quite easy for your knees to move off the mats during the course of the ab workout. Another of the USPs of the Ab Carver is the extra wide wheel which is meant to provide more stability when rolling out and in.
First impressions out of the box and having had a quick go with the Ab Carver is that it is a well built product that is very well put together.
And so this is where the claim comes from that the Ab Carver Pro works and sculpts your arms in addition to your abs – More on this from first hand experience later. So whilst I am impressed with the build quality and features of the Ab Carver Pro, the real acid test of whether it is any good or not is whether it can meet its claims of strengthening your core and sculpting your arms.
There is a 21 day workout program available to download from the site (here) that I will follow and I will judge the effectiveness of the Ab Carver Pro based on the difference between my before and after pictures from day 1 to day 21 as well as whether I feel that my core is any stronger or not.
I will reveal the results of the Ab Carver Pro Workout and give it my final review score in 21 days time! See you in 21 days where I will give my final verdict & view on whether the Ab Carver Pro is worth the money.

So I’ve just finished week 1 of the Ab Carver Pro 21 Day Workout and my thoughts so far are its a little bit harder than I had first anticipated! This week was primarily doing 3 sets of 10 straight reps and 3 sets of 5 reps both left and right. By the time you are getting to the 5th or 6th rep on the straight carving set, your lower abdomen is beginning to cry out in pain and by the third set, you are really feeling it! Week 2 doesn’t offer any abdominal mercy as the workout prescribes upping the number of reps per set to 15 for the straight carving and 10 for the side carving! The sides of my abs are burning like you won’t believe and using the ab carver has now gone from being a bit of a gimmick to feeling like a proper workout. Hi Dixie, I have just updated the post to include the after picture which you can see at the very beginning of the post!
After following the plan for 21 days (and of course watching what I ate), the results are clear to see, belly is noticeably flatter with even a hint of a blurry six pack showing too which I never thought would be possible!
You can just grab it on your way to the kitchen, roll out a few reps and immediately feel a burn. I was looking for something that I could use first thing in the morning or last thing at night just before going to bed and that’s when I stumbled upon the Ab Carver Pro.
It looked more robust, less plasticy and toy like and left me thinking it could be a useful bit of kit to have around the house to torch my abs with when the mood took me. Looks can often be deceiving when you buy online but any worries I had about the product being more flimsy & lightweight in real life than its sales pictures would have you believe were immediately dispelled upon picking the main wheel unit up. It would be useful if a link to these instructions were more obvious ( I had to Google it) but at the end of the day, its pretty obvious how you should use this piece of kit and the instructions are easy enough to find online with a little common sense.

It recommends to use a wall as a backstop until you have full control of being able to stop the wheel after rolling out.
I have to say, when you carve left and right, you really feel it in your lower back and I can also now understand the claims that the ab carver tones your arms too. I didn’t think that adding an additional 5 reps to the straight carving and an additional 5 to each of the left and right carves would make too much of a different but boy I was wrong! It has a reassuring weight to it that reeks of quality & feels very solid and well put together. The wider wheel is definitely one aspect of the Ab Carver that I can’t recommend enough.
The supplied knee pads are essential for working out on the carpet and are a nice inclusion whilst the ergonomic handles are comfortable to grip and spread the load on your hands nicely to reduce the stress on them. When carving to the side, you do feel quite a burn in the arms which can only be a good thing! The handles have a good robust weight to them too and are very well ergonomically designed.

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