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For anyone out there who has dieted or exercised it is discouraging when those results are not what we want them to be. Raise your hand if you have been a slave to some crazy diet fad – No Carb, Atkins even Paleo diets all subscribe to some method of cutting out or severely reducing one or more food groups. Enough of the science – the point is that the mind and body are comfortable and used to set points and they will fight tooth and nail together to not disrupt their nice balance. My word to all the challengers is to fight back, to be resilient, to realize that our minds and bodies are testing us and trying to make us give up I challenge you to hand in there another 2 weeks and then look at the results !
From the point of view of set points a realistic 10% weight loss over a 3-6 month period is encouraged and this is realistic and maintainable ! I am reprinting a great list of Top 10 Dieting Mistakes – be aware of them we all do them and remember to watch out for the sneaky mind body attack on us ! The problem is not the calories its the inhibitions and physiological process that the body uses to breakdown ETOH that sabotages aany diet. I promised that as part of this Lifestyle Modification that I would be as blunt and brutal as needed. So what is the plan – Many people who embark on life style modifications often get completely hung up on the numbers of pounds they lose and which direction the scale is going. Diet – Nicole is my dietician and she has created a great meal plan for me reducing my caloric intake to 1300 cals per day. Exercise:  Mark has me on  High Intensity Interval Training  with metabolic training program 4 x per week with strength training 2 -3 x per week. Mind Body:  Yoga and stretching 1 x per week but should also increase to 10 minutes daily including meditation. Tune in frequently to see my progress and join along –   Follow my workouts and diet plans and hopefully I can inspire and help you ! According to a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics people who journaled and accounted for everything they put into their mouth lost 3.7% more weight than those who did not in addition journaling and meal planning increase the likelihood of success for those trying to lose weight.

If you have the money (and it is a great investment) find  a Registered Dietician who can not only analyse your current diet but also come up with an approved and appropriate diet and meal plan   Nicole Marchand is my beautiful RD and she has helped me in planning 5 small meals a day, that contain all the components of a low calorie, healthy and filling diet and she actually made me a plan I like and can follow.
Food logs can be both simple (food name – cals caluculated in advance) and elaborate noting calories, fats, carbs etc. People always talk about SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realstic and Time) the same acronym can be applied to your planning.
Set aside one day a week to plan a weeks worth of workouts, lay your clothes out the night before or have your gym bag packed with all of your clothing.  While it may seem like an expense make sure that you have 5 or more sets of workout clothes – they don’t need to be Lululemon a simple shorts and T-Shirt will do but you can reward yourself  with some beautiful Lululemon clothing when you reach certain goals. Now that you have scheduled your workouts lets talk about meal planning and journaling – another surefire tip for success – that will be tomorrow ! We decide to just “kind of” try to lose weight. We are anxious for a quick fix (human nature nowadays) rather than truly learning the skills that will help us not only lose weight and keep it off long term. We don’t exercise: Regular exercise doesn’t have to be a dreaded task, but it must be integrated into your plan for preserving and ultimately building your lean body mass during and after your weight-loss journey. We believe that genes are responsible for weight issues: Though they may make you more susceptible to weight gain, genes don’t compel you to be obese. We are inconsistent: Too often people are aware that they should limit carbohydrates yet take weekends off or neglect the plan altogether while on vacation. We develop use an all-or-nothing mentality: Successful, permanent weight loss requires positive lifestyle changes.
Yes, dieting is hard work (especially at first), but the concepts to learning how to lose weight and keep it off don’t have to be confusing or difficult.
It is true that if you have a family history of obesity your chances of becoming obese are about 25 to 30 percent, and genes do influence how your body balances calories and energy. Whoever they are, saboteurs try to slip you off track by “insisting” you try a food or beverage that may not be on your menu plan.
While weight loss generally does boil down to “calories in versus calories out,” this does stop at a point.
When your body is on a weight-loss plan and you are only allotted a certain amount of calories, it is important that you are getting those calories in at regular intervals. Metabolic rates and body shapes are genetic and do affect your ability to gain or lose weight.

If your body is not getting enough food, it will start to realize what is going on and rebel. Exercise helps maintain or even build your lean body mass (muscle mass) and this subsequently keeps your metabolism higher.
But don’t let this be an excuse to throw in the towel, because there are many ways to improve your ability to lose weight and keep it off.  Keep in mind that most people gain weight because they eat too many calories for their activity level. If you don’t eat again afterwards, go to sleep, wake up and then eat for the first time around noon—you have gone 17 hours without eating!
People need to make a commitment and focus on keeping their goals in mind throughout their weight-loss journey. Your weight-loss plan should include moving more and building muscle through resistance training. It is not always necessary to weigh daily, but regularly weighing yourself will help keep your current weight in check and possibly prevent some weight gain.
The people who are the most successful at weight loss are the ones who can accept a mistake and move on. Sixty percent of the National Weight Control Registry participants kept their weight off by weighing daily.
If you have moments of inconsistency, write all the reasons you want to lose weight on a index card. When you do eat, your body will hoard those calories and be less willing to give them up, making weight loss harder. Any machine that is continuously running will run out of fuel long before those 17 hours are up, and it will begin to stop working as well.

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