I know what is a boost converter, and that I need a PWM module with a duty cycle of 50% to obtain a gain of 2. I am going to take the 12V DC from a DLINK adapter that take a PoE line and offers that output.
I also once faced a situation like this when I decided to fit a small transistorised stereo amplifier which operated from 24V DC in my car.
LM2585 is wired as a boost converter in this circuit and it can source up to maximum 3 Ampere current  .

5V Boost Converter – This is a 5Volt boost converter circuit designed using IC LTC 3440. Positive to Negative Voltage Converter – Its actually a simple circuit that shows how to obtain a negative supply from a positive one.
I just need to obtain a 24V DC output from a 12V DC input, and maintain the power of the input (good efficiency). This circuit is designed using the constant current,constant voltage boost converter IC LT1618.

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