Society is Nix from Sunday Press

Lost Treasures of the
Comic Strip World!

Gleeful Anarchy at the Dawn of the American Comic Strip 1895-1915

Shipping July 29, 2013

Edited by Peter Maresca
Designed by Philippe Ghielmetti


Mit dose kids, society is nix!

So said Herr Inspector about the Katzenjammer kids.   But he could have been speaking of all comic strips in their formative years, at the turn of the last century.
These are the origins of the American comic strip, born at a time when there were no set styles or formats, when artistic anarchy helped spawn a new medium. These are the earliest offerings from known greats like RE Outcault, George McManus, Winsor McCay, and George Herriman, and more than fifty other superb cartoonists, most reprinted for the first time in over 100 years!  

Now seen in their original size and colors— inspiration for comic artists around the world for a century to come

This could be the most important book on comics history to appear this year. These pages inspired all of the comics creators who followed.
A must for serious fans of comics of all styles and eras!

BONUS - In each book - a replica of a Happy Hooligan game page

152 pages hardbound, 16 x 21 inches, $125
EAN: 978-0-98355040-2

This is a limited print run, so get your copies soon!

Here's a sneak peek at some of the pages
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