Welcome to the Copacetic Gallery!  We hope that you will enjoy your visit.  The purpose of the Copacetic Gallery (at least for now) is to post obscure, little known and lesser seen examples of Comics.  These will primarily be drawn (again, at least for now) from older sources where we believe the copyright has not been maintained (although in some cases the trademark [™] has been maintained, in which case we have duly noted this fact).   We will post the copyright information that we have, and if anyone has corrections, emendations and/or additions to this information, by all means please contact us.

Material featured in the gallery is drawn from the Copacetic Archives.  Our inaugural show will feature work culled from the Copacetic Collection, a collection featuring comics designed for younger readers during the late 1950s.   As opposed to the items featured on the Copacetic Collection site, none of the items displayed here are currently available for sale.

Our current gallery size is 10mb.  We've still got a ways to go before we've filled it up, but we thought we'd open up while it's under construction and let you check out what's up so far.  Don't forget to check back later.  Once the gallery is filled, we plan to leave the show up for a few months (HA! wotta laugh! try years!   One of these days we'll put up some new material -- honest.) while we work on the next one.  Suggestions and/or contributions for future shows are welcome.  We're not making any promises, but we'll definitely get back to you.

Well, after about ten years we actually did start loading new material into the gallery, albeit sparingly.   We now have theoretically access to unlimited (web) space, but, unfortunately, severely limited access to time, so the additions to the gallery are likely to continue to be both sparse and sporadic for the forseeable future, but hey, check back when you think of it!

A note to dial-up modem users:  All pages in the Copacetic Gallery have a file size of over 100kb, so please be patient. (HAHA!  - this comment shows you how long this has been up; we figured to leave it in as a testament to its longevity...)

Thanks.   Enjoy! 

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Funny Animal Covers:  Generic, Obscure & Bizarre

Bill Bowser Reveals the Secret of the Information Economy: A One-Pager

"All Shook Up":  Music and the Military-- A Symbiosis?

Bugs and Elmer:  A Symbolic Discourse

Revisionist Archie

Before Warhol, there was... Jughead!
Panelmonium #1 - POP BAM BOOM

Kusama Yayoi Slept Here

Jack Kirby 1962:  Cowboys vs. Aliens

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Panelmonium #2 - "...BUT YOU ARE...!

¡Caramba! - Revolutionary Ramona Fradon

And here's a new feature:
Whenever we run across a specific example of comics that is especially fitting to translate a particular idea, concept, situation or some such that might otherwise require a complex deconstruction, analysis, and/or exegesis, we'll place it here. 

#1a) For those of you having difficulty seeing The United States of America through the eyes of those around the world who view it with fear and loathing, this might help.  Please understand that the Copacetic Gallery does not share nor does it endorse this view.

#1b) For those of you having difficulty seeing inside the heads of the Anglo-American Alliance (or, at least, some of those heads) to gain insight into how they are perceiving the terrorist assault on the west and their response to it, this might help.  Please understand that the Copacetic Gallery does not share nor does it endorse this view.

#2) Are you a little fuzzy about what feminism is/means, and what the Women's Liberation Movement of the 1960s and '70s was all about?  This might help.  We kid you not.

#3) The American Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Irish Troubles, the Intifada, the "Arab Spring", and a host of other historical conflicts are all summed up in four panels by Mr. Charles M. Schulz.

¡new!#4a)  For those too busy to slog their way through Lyotard's The Libidinal Economy in order to gain those key insights into the relationships between human sexuality and capitalist economy on offer in that weighty text, now there's a quick short cut to enlightenment courtesy this five page story.

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