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Yoga asanas for menstruation problems, best lower abs workout dvd - .

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For any female, getting menstruation is not just a sign of fertility but also of her health and overall fitness. Bow poseBow yoga pose or Dhanurasana is an effective yoga pose for women who have menstrual problems particularly irregular periods or extremely painful periods.
Cobra poseCobra pose is an excellent asana for any woman facing menstrual irregularities or struggling with any sort of menstrual problems.
Cobbler pose in lying positionThis pose is great for females who have problems with blood pressure that can cause menstrual irregularities. Hero’s pose in lying positionThis pose is particularly recommended for women who have low back problems due to menses or those who have irregular periods. This pose is the best pose for any kind of menstrual disorder and can help in coping with stress, menstrual irregularities and underlying conditions behind menstrual problems. Therefore, irregularities or problems with the menstrual cycle is not just a condition, but rather a symptom of an underlying medical condition.
The asana increases flexibility, balances hormones in the body and can be performed by a beginner.

It is also beneficial for teenage girls who still haven’t developed a regular menstrual cycle pattern.
Consult your doctor before practicing yoga if you are suffering from any abdominal injuries.
Menstrual problems such as PMS- premenstrual syndrome, amenorrhea- missed period, oligomenorrhea-having a period every now and then and dysmenorrhea- extremely painful periods may be indicators of different physical problems, including psychological stress, tumors, hormonal issues and uterine fibroid or poly cystic ovary syndrome.
It is also beneficial for women with PCOS or poly cystic ovary syndrome and helps in toning up the body. It is a natural treatment for cysts in the ovaries that cause missed periods or late periods. Yoga is the best medicine to cureĀ  problems like menstruation disorder, heavy blood flow and painful menstruation periods.
So, every female must practice some yoga poses and make yoga a part of her daily regime to cope with menstrual disorders, irregular periods and to reduce the chances of infertility. To do this pose, firstly take a yoga mat and kneel on the mat while keeping your spine erect.

These yoga poses need just a few minutes from your routine and they can help you not just deal with menstrual disorders, but will also make you fitter, flexible and healthier. This easy to perform yoga asana requires you to first place the hands directly beneath and shoulders. Maintain the position for a few seconds and then return back to original pose while exhaling slowly. You will be able to contact your head and knee after practicing of this asana makes you flexible.
Remember, this asana is a little difficult for the beginners so you must take special precaution of the neck and head and perform the asana slowly.

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