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Wrist curls, sore shoulder from throwing - For You

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Keep elbows approximately wrist height to maintain resistance through full range of motion. To place more focus on the brachioradialis and less on the biceps when performing a barbell curl, flip your grip from underhand to overhand. Tip: Instead of curling the weight in an arc, keep the movement of the bar in more of a vertical (straight up and down) path.
Form Instruction: Kneeling before a bench, grasp barbell with underhanded grip (palms up) and rest forearms on bench with wrists extending out over the bench. Specifically, wrist curls target your wrist flexors which are the muscles that make up a large part of your inner forearm (or the bottom of your forearm if you are holding your forearms out palms down). They are also commonly done seated on a bench with the forearms resting on the thighs and the wrists hanging in front of the knees.

Standing Wrist Curls - With barbell hanging in front, moving wrist up and down in same motion. Behind-The-Back Wrist Curls - Standing, with barbell behind the back, moving wrist up and down in same motion. Machine-Based Wrist Curls - Cable and certain lever machines allow you to perform wrist curls. Substitutions: Wrist Rollers (a bar with a weight attached to a rope, you grab the bar with both hands out in front of you and roll the weight up and down on the bar) offer a decent substitute for targeting the hard-to-target forearms. Use this tool to discover new associated keyword & suggestions for the search term Wrist Curls.
Lower the wrists and allow the barbell to roll out of grip and onto fingers, then re-grip the barbell and extend the wrists upward.

One of the more popular ways is to do them while seated length-wise on a bench and then bending over to allow the forearms to stick to the bench and the wrists to hang over the edge. The key is to keep the elbows and wrists at the same height where you will be able to create the greatest tension.
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