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Workout songs 2013 pop, how to get a six pack bodybuilding - Try Out

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There were so many new songs that hit the Billboard charts and made it into our workout mixes in 2013.
If this mix isn't your style, then check out all our workout playlists here to find something that suits your needs and taste. Whether you're jogging, doing aerobics or strength training, music can be a very helpful aid to stay motivated and it can also help you keep your workout rhythm. Laura is a 20-something year old media student with a great passion for fashion, pop culture, beauty and travel.

Check out the best workout songs for women in 2013 so far.Get Lucky - Daft PunkA great choice for everything from Zumba and Spin to Crossfit and Aerobics, Daft Punk's huge hit of 2013 has just the right combination of energy and groove to keep you moving. If your music choices have been feeling a little stale, update your collection with this playlist, packed with the hottest songs of Summer. Subscribe to the Spotify playlist, and check out the full list of workout songs kept us motivated in the gym this year. It might even end up as one of the best workout songs for women ever, thanks to its timeless beats.Now - ParamoreWhen you're looking for the right music for a high energy workout, this song has everything from strong riffs to catchy pop vibes.

Whether you love working out to pop, rock, or rap, this collection of tunes has something for everyone's tastes.
Include Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix in your playlist for one of the best workout songs for women in 2013.Binary Mind - Ra Ra RiotCombine the power of rock with catchy electronic beats and you've got a winner when it comes to the best workout songs for women.

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