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Workout ropes sports authority, quick diet plans to lose weight - Reviews

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Champion Sports Adjustable Power Jump Rope counts time skips and calorie consumption, and it features a fully adjustable length providing you with an individualized fit. The Power Jump Rope includes a weight input, so you can see how many calories were burned in each workout based on your individual weight. There is also an alarm you can set to a pre-determined time that will beep when your workout is over.

This jump rope provides an easy and fun cardio workout with removeable 0.5 lb weights on each handle and rubber grips to prevent slippage. This poly-vinyl NordicTrack jump rope features removable weights in each handle, so you can quickly personalize your workout. Ergonomic handles reduce hand strain, and durable polyurethane rope makes this a lasting item in your daily workout.

Weight is distributed proportionately from handle to handle; in many other jump ropes the weight is concentrated in the handles, not the rope itself.

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