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Good news for hard bodies and homebodies alike: With the fitness DVD industry growing by about 11 percent a year, there have never been more ways to work out in your living room.
Veteran New York City fitness instructor Lashaun Dale has come up with a quick-results workout that’s great for exercisers who are easily bored. Denise Austin leads two 20-minute interval workouts, one that emphasizes cardio and weight-lifting, another that does athletic movements (think: kickball, kayaking, skiing) at a cardio pace and uses a dumbbell to provide full-body, kettlebell-like exercises. The FIRM began in 1979 as an exercise studio in South Carolina, and went on to produce videos and then DVDs that have attained almost cult status because of their effectiveness in remaking bodies.

Violet Zaki tag teams strength and cardio training over the course of two 20-minute workouts in a DVD that’s worthy of being your next (and most-reliable-yet) fitness buddy. With nary a Namaste, she puts you through two fast-paced, 30-minute yoga workouts designed to build muscle and burn calories. The DVD suggests you start with the 20-minute routines alone but if you’re already in decent shape you’ll probably need the challenge that comes from combining the two workouts into one 40-minute session. Her workouts (one lasting 40 minutes, four others for 15 each) are broken into four-minute segments that work one muscle group with three different exercises, then finish with a "power circuit" that repeats the three exercises at a faster pace with fewer reps.

Customize your workout based on your needs or goals (you can target legs, abs, arms, hips and back), or try the pre-designed routines (30 minutes or one hour).

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