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Work out challenge with friends, how to lose weight fast and easy at home for women - PDF Review

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As you know, diet is a huge part of the equation when it comes to getting in shape and seeing quick and lasting results, no matter how hard you train and push yourself, if you are not fueling your body properly according to your specific goals, you might get disappointed with your results. One of the enjoyable aspects of owning a Fitbit is sharing your workout stats with your friends and family.
FitYou lets you challenge friends and family to see who can rack up the most points in a set time period.
For a chance to win our 2013 Fitness Challenges in “Printable Edition” (December edition), make sure you share this challenge via Facebook (in the sidebar to your left)!

A chat feature allows you to talk smack to your friends to get them off the couch and onto the pavement.
After creating an account (you need a FitYou account or a Facebook account to login), the main screen shows your challenges, your activities and your score. The app works with a variety of exercises, allowing a runner to challenge a cyclist or swimmer.
If you want to train alone, you can even do a solo challenge based on the number of points you want to reach each day.

Each challenge can have a bet, requiring you to up your game or have to pay out a favor when you lose.

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