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However, I think these articles are attempting to verbalize the pressure that a lot of women put themselves under when it comes to their bodies, pressure which this sort of media does little to ease and a lot to intensify.
I’m pretty into general fitness type stuff, but I count myself lucky to have got into it via the world of Egyptian dance, which is generally a very body-positive community. I think what makes the most difference, for me, is having found the right community of like-minded women with a healthy attitude to fitness. On the hottest day of the year, stuck in a fitness studio for another hour of step, realising that there were no men in the whole gym, let alone men feeling they had to be getting on with getting in 60 mins cardio a day minimum… this article resonates so strongly. Having worked on various consumer publications, including a lifestyle title for raw vegans and writing for walking magazines, I’ve seen, heard and experienced all kinds of attitudes to so-called health and fitness from staff and readers.

From my experience, it seems that those from all boys’ schools place themselves in a different league to women. It’s everywhere in our lives as women that health and body image are forever connected. Because they position it as health and fitness-focused, rather than purely weight loss, it seems to fool a lot of people into thinking that this is not disordered eating, which (IMO) it is. I know several women who are all about being fit, doing the insanity workout, living in the gym (telling everyone they know about it) but really it’s just borderline thinspiration dressed up as something ostensibly healthy, which is spreading quickly with the aid of social media.
The whole Vagenda campaign seems to be building the hypothesis that the women’s magazine market is different.

It exists because women are conditioned socially to be self-flagellating about their bodies and their looks.
But getting sucked into the world of women’s health and fitness as it exists now might cost you one hell of a lot more.

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