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Winging scapula exercises to correct, estrogen blocker bodybuilding - Reviews

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When asked which muscle is the most important in providing scapular stability I am sure most people would think of the Serratus anterior or the mid and lower Trapezius.
The stabilizers of the scapula, as well as all other muscles, need a fixed anchor point to pull towards. The Diaphragm’s stabilization effect on the scapula can be demonstrated by activation of proper diaphragm breathing, to develop an increased intra-abdominal pressure, which will decrease the winging of the shoulder blades.
If someone cannot stabilize their shoulder-blades properly in an all fours position even after the activation of the core and a proper centrated positioning of the support, all exercises in this position should be avoided. The DNS program contains several methods of activating ideal stabilization patterns either via reflex-stimulation or specific exercises. An additional benefit in this position is that proper neck extension also can be exercised.
I have commented on this before in my article on Myths of Scapula Exercises, but I don’t put a lot of emphasis on resting static scapular position.
To me, this looks like the levator scapula pulling the head with a complete lack of opposition from the lower trapezius and serratus anterior.

There is obviously some winging and lack of opposition of the levator by the traps and serratus.
So while the levator may be causing the head wiggle, it sure looks like the serratus and lower trap are not doing their job and creating the scapula wiggle. So while this may be glenohumeral instability, I think it is still just the scapula as it occurs during the eccentric lowering and he has almost no ability to control winging. I have the same problem as the client, scapular winging on both sides but on the left my lower traps and serratus are very weak and i cant even feel my lower traps on the left side contracting.
By correcting the weight distribution on the wrists and hands the scapular stabilization often improves. Now slowly turn the shoulders so the examiner standing in front of the head end can see the dots (By doing this the scapulae have to be pushed down towards the foot end). The lower lateral ribcage acts as an anchor point for the serratus anterior muscle when providing scapular stabilization.  Testing scapular stabilization prior to evaluating the diaphragm function would give a false positive result. Insufficient stabilization will show up as of winging of the shoulder-blades (The picture is from the DNS program).

Correct activation of the core by an increased intra-abdominal pressure can be assessed by placing fingers at the lower lateral abdomen, just above the groin. The movement dysfunction is noticeable on pulling exercises, i cant pull my elbow back like my right elbow and i almost feel nothing. Exercising has to start in a position where the stabilization is sufficient and slowly progress back up towards positions with higher demand as the individual improves.
No exercises should ever be performed with insufficient stabilization because it will not only be fruitless, but will also reinforce the faulty pattern and will often lead to over-load injuries.

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