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Wide pushups for shoulders, standing cable crunch without machine - Reviews

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There are many different types of pushups that beginners can perform to improve your strength, endurance & fitness. Remember that any pushup done in any variation works chest, shoulders, triceps, legs and core.
If you aren’t quite ready to do standard pushups and the wall pushups have become too easy then knee pushups are the next step. The basic pushup position is face down, weight on the palms of your hands and the balls of your feet.

Much like the wide pushups you perform the narrow pushup variation by moving your arms in tighter to your body hands just about directly under your shoulders.
Switching & changing up your pushup variations will also give you a challenge and help keep your fitness routine fresh.
We have taken you from getting started with wall or knee pushups to making a few simple variations on the standard pushup. Perform a classic pushup, but when you come up, rotate your body so that your left arm lifts up and extends overhead, your arms and torso forming a T.

Preform this exercise 20 times, take a 30-second break in between sets and repeat exercise for 3 rounds. The best push-up for broad shoulders will require you to adjust your normal stance and in particular your arms. Here are two versions of push-ups we have shared with you for broad shoulders with help from a fitness expert Jacques Laventure  in new this video clip.

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