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Whey protein isolate vs concentrate, healthy fat burning foods to eat - Review

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Whey protein concentrate (WPC), also referred to as native whey, can contain 29% to 89% total protein, with the remaining nutrient composition from carbohydrate (lactose) and lipid. Whey protein concentrate is further processed to obtain whey protein isolate (WPI), which contains roughly 90% total protein and very little, or insignificant amounts of lactose and lipids. The very low lactose content of WPI may be of importance for individuals with extreme lactose intolerance, especially when large amounts of whey or other dairy products are consumed daily. Whey protein isolate is more frequently used for research than concentrate, as the purer protein reduces confounding variables or the effects that may be inherent to the milk fat or lactose. We have tried a variety of whey isolates derived from different processing techniques and different manufacturers and have universally been disappointed in the taste. If you are extremely lactose intolerant, than choosing a pure whey protein isolate may be your only choice for including whey protein in your diet. There are also plant based protein blends such as AI's no-whey which has quite interesting flavours such as candy cane. Apologies if you're already aware of this, but there are different qualities of whey available.

Oh I was mean to say that I tried some whey protein isolate powder which I got from Nature's Farm a while back and my system just cannot handle it. There are two methods of processing whey protein isolate: microfiltration and ion exchange. However it should be pointed out that the small amount of lactose present in our whey protein concentrate (2 grams) does not cause a reaction in most lactose intolerant individuals.
However, the relatively small differences in lipid and carbohydrate concentrations between WPC’s of high protein concentration and WPI, may not significantly affect the rate of gastric emptying and amino acid absorption as compared to what has been observed in response to WPI.
For everyone else, a quality, high percentage whey protein concentrate may offer several advantages in nutrition, taste and cost. For example, from the carbo content of that whey you bought for your mom, I expect it to have very high lactose content. This form of processing is gentler than other forms that include the use of acids and heat, which can damage or denature the protein.
The processing of WPI may denature or damage protein fractions, especially with ion exchange methods (which produce the purest isolates).

It seems counterproductive to process a protein to make it purer, only to add substances (artificial or natural) not inherent to the protein to make it palatable. Although the two varieties are similar in composition we feel our concentrate has slight advantages over an isolate in nutritional value, health benefits, quality, taste and cost. The additional processing required to produce whey isolate adds cost to the product, which reflects in the consumer price. Additionally, the percentage of protein in these isolate blends may be less than the 80% or that of a high end concentrate.
If you decide you do need a whey isolate be sure to read the nutritional information thoroughly before making a purchase.

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