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So this will complete your muscle training on the vacation so when you come back to your place hit the gym hard and recover all that you have lost all this while. I mean, just imagine how many looks you’d get from the ladies, if you sported those beach muscles.
So, to help you grow your beach muscles, today, I’m going to show you the push up that builds maximum muscle. For the purposes of chest development, the muscle group that interests us the most is the pectoralis major. The muscle you need to work on, if you want to build that button-popping chest is the clavicular head.
Sure, working on your lower chest is also important, but the issue with most guys is that they’re doing mostly lifts that target their lower pecs. And since you’ll be doing a ton of diamond pushups, it’s important to nail your diamond pushup technique down to a tee. Boost Your Push-Up Strength Even More With The 12-Part Muscle Building Course … It’s FREE!
And to help you better understand how you should do diamond pushups, here’s a short video that I made  just for you. To help you get the most bang out of diamond pushups, here’s a simple yet effective workout routine that I used to add muscle mass to my chest. And if you’re not strong enough to do a single diamond push up, you can do them on your knees.
What I like to do when doing diamond pushups is to group them with pull-ups or inverted rows and do them back to back—also called a superset. Yes, definitely keep the tension in your muscles all the time, since time under tension (TUT) is a great muscle-building signal to your body. Maybe you have a pulled muscle from before and now the thing is just emphasized when you’re doing diamond pushups. When you’re doing diamond pushups, there’s a ton of other muscles that are working to stabilize your body and keep it in a good posture. Try to do them as much as you can and if you’re not able to do many diamond pushups, then I suggest you do them on your knees. Print out the diamond push up workout routine and stick that piece of paper somewhere you’ll be able to see every day.
And I have to give a shout out to Oskar from Skinny-Fat Transformation for bringing the diamond pushups to my attention.

I love diamond pushups especially because, I’m able to do them every day, without feeling worn down! Yup, doing a 100 pushups every day can be hard, but you’ll quickly get used to them … just keep pumping out those reps! I also found this to be a great article, and an idea that I did not give much thought to myself (though I did hear of diamond push-ups somewhere else once).
I’d much rather stick to the default diamond push-up workout routine until you can hit the numbers that I mention in the article.
Dejan, Thanks for the advice, will definitely work up to 5*20 of the diamond pushups as you say. Slow reps are better than fast reps when it comes to the diamond pushups (or any other exercise for that matter) since you’re focusing on time under tension (TUT). And yes, diamond pushups will help you build up your chest and arms, but I also believe that they work best when you also throw into the mix some weight training exercises like squats, deadlifts and pull-ups. Yeah, I definitely think that inverted rows together with diamond pushups will help you build a stronger upper body, which will in turn help you with your pull-ups.
Yeah, the muscle pain (called delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS short) is a sign that your workout was effective at working your target muscles.
I was also never good with push-ups, but with consistent effort and smart training (just follow the routine I describe in this article) I was able to really progress on the diamond push-ups. Definitely start with the diamond push-ups, because they’ll give you the most bang for your buck.
But what we tend to worry is the problem it will cause us when we will not be able to follow our daily routines i.e. When doing diamond pushups, I’m really able to feel my upper pecs working and the pump I get in my triceps is off the chain. Once you can bust out 100 reps on your knees, then try to switch to regular diamond pushups and see how it goes.
This will serve as a reminder to do those 5 sets of 20 reps (100 reps total) of diamond pushups every day. Is it because they don’t work your muscles as effectively as bench presses and other free weight exercises.
With pull-ups, I try to do as many as possible, and straight after that, I hit the diamond pushups for 20 reps. I was wondering, what do you think of dips as an exercise that is said to be quite effective and more effective than regular pushups, at building the inner chest muscles, and upper pectoralis major.

I did find it engages my chest more when I try and push my pecs together throughout the movement. I’ve looked all over the Internet about how to increase my reps on diamond pushups, and this seems like a good program. Im 14 year old guy and i was doing regular pushups and then it felt like my body was tired or my muscles were tired..
You have many kinds of pushups working of different kinds of body parts from shoulders (diamond pushups) to triceps (close grip) to normal push-ups which work on the whole body.
And since the diamond pushups are easy on your joints, I’m able to train them every day without feeling worn out.
Just make sure you log your sets and reps, so you know what number you have to beat next time.
Another alternative would be to do regular pushups until you can do 4 sets of 20 reps with good form.
But I’ll go out on a limb here and say that if you’re going to stick to the diamond push up routine, you can expect to see progress in 12 weeks or less.
And the tip that really helped me grow in size and strength, was eating white rice after my workout.
The Past 6 months iv been Working Towards putting on mass and i went from 60kg to 69kg, but thats my Legs arms back shoulders and all that, Just Not my Chest. If you are a gym buff then the first thing that comes to your mind is that when you are out you are skipping the gym. I have tried dips (just body-weight) and sort of feel them to be more effective at working out the chest, without nailing the shoulder quite as much. Problem is I’ve never been good at pushups (my body tends to favor back work such as pullups), which shows as time goes on because my diamond pushup reps have been around the same since May. In holidays we tend to eat what we feel like and do not work out which means we lose muscles on one hand and gain fat on the other. Today we will discuss how you can keep yourself fit throughout your holidays and not gain those extra kilos and retain your muscles. My target weight is at least 77 kilos but my belly is expanding even though I am working out regularly.

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