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What is water weight during period, tips to lose weight fastly - Try Out

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Follicular Stage – This stage takes place about a week and half before the bleeding period starts. Period – This is the time of actually bleeding or shedding of the excessive uterine lining, excessive water, unfertilized eggs and blood. For a lot of women this weight gain can be pre-period (before), during and after (post period) the period stage of their cycle.
Fluid Retention: Also known as water retention, this is one if not the primary reason for weight gain during the menstrual cycle.
Another reason for this water retention can be the difficulty with bowel movements that some women experience during pms.
For many women their glucose readings and messages to the brain are not accurate during the menstrual cycle. This whole experience of weight gain during your period can be an extremely frustrating process when you are on a diet.
Vitamin B6 is recommended in doses of 100 to 200 mg per day to counteract pms symptoms including weight gain. In conclusion it is very common for women to experience weight gain before, during and after their period and this can be several pounds. When you go through your average 5 to 10 pounds weight gain during your menstrual period, you might be wondering is it normal to gain weight before your period or how much weight can you gain on your period. Don't ask the last question - how much weight can you gain on your period because what happens is that your mind will keep searching for an answer to the question - and then you'll notice situations will arise where that amount of weight you gain keeps going up and up and up.
If you don't put a cap on the PMS weight gain, it could end up being greater than 25 pounds because your mind is trying to be creative so you can reward its creativity!
The reason for the Weight Gain during Period is probably related to both water retention and abnormal cravings. Not all women experience these problems before and during menstruation, but most women can do.
It is a fallacy to assume that all that weight gain comes only from fluid and water retention.
The eggs are released into the fallopian tubes during this stage and the hormone estrogen no longer floods the system.

For this reason women find themselves craving certain foods and over eating others to cause this weight gain. It's the theory that is mentioned on The Secret - what you think about is what you get in life. Likewise, you must train your mind to put a cap on the amount of average weight gain during your menstrual period.
If they say they have a 25 pound weight gain during their period, then you will now have expanded the realm of possibility for yourself to gain more weight. Moderate and high Glycemic index foods do release high amounts of blood sugar - and these are foods that will cause you to gain weight for the next 18 hours after you eat them. The retention of water and food cravings tend to start about a week before it happens the period of a woman.
In some cases, water retention stops just when the beginning of the period, but for some women, which continues to be a problem until their end. There are many women who claim to have the desire too sweet, salty and rich in fat just before and during their periods. The majority of women who gain a little weight at the time of menstruation probably lose once their periods are over.
Many women who experience weight gain during their menstrual cycle also experience food cravings and most give in to them. In fact the weight gain takes place during the first three stages of the menstrual cycle and begins to be relieved during the bleeding ‘period”.
With the beginning of the period and the shedding of all the excesses, the issue of weight gain dissipates as well. During the menstrual cycle, the hormonal changes and imbalance caused by first flooding the body with estrogen and next flooding it with progesterone that greatly reduced the estrogen. However this weight gain is short lived and nothing to worry about in respect to your diet. This leads to a better hormonal balance and that can affect a few of the major causes of weight gain during menstruation.
This works well for diabetics to lose weight - and diabetics are the ones who find weight loss more difficult than those with PMS weight gain - and it will work for you, too.

All ingredients in the period vitamin work together to create a well working body during your period - and during the rest of the month as well. Although many women complain of getting large amounts of weight during their periods as a result of this, most likely will not have more than 5 pounds (2.27 kg) before and during their menstrual cycle. Water retention tends to make many women feel bloated and uncomfortable during their monthly cycle, and there are some things that can aggravate the situation.
Most healthcare professionals advise women who experience excessive water retention or cravings during their periods do their best to eat healthy and exercise to compensate for these symptoms.
This means that weight gain can occur in the premenstrual stage, the follicular and luteal stage. There is also an increase in the women’s metabolism during this time that can cause the food cravings as well.
Warm water with lime juice might be used to reduce fluid retention as it has been proven to do so. The vegetables are what your body craves as they are loaded full of phytonutrients that will fill in the metabolic gaps of what your body may be missing that is contributing to weight gain during your period.
Most health professionals recommend staying away from salty food before and during menstruation, because salt causes the body to retain more water. Consumption of excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol can also aggravate water retention.
This small increase in metabolism, if it occurs, can help offset any excess weight gained by yielding to the desire for high-calorie foods.
There is too much sugar in the fruit juices and this can cause weight gain but vegetable juices - even carrot juice - won't do this. It may seem counter intuitive to say drink a lot of water when water retention is one of the prime reasons for this weight gain.

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