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What is the dolce diet pdf, beginner workout routines to lose weight - Review

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Mike Dolce has become one of the go-to nutrition gurus in the mixed martial arts (MMA) community. The first thing you’ll want to understand about the book is that, as the title implies, it is really a three-week program with a very specific goal.
So, bottom line, this book was worth reading even if I didn’t fit the target demographic.
About the AuthorI train in taekwondo, MMA and I like to blog about martial arts, fitness, nutrition and family.

The book is part text and part workbook — where you will note goals for each day of the program. The first part of the book takes you through Mike’s exact diet from a weight-cut before a fight where he went from 212 pounds to weighing in at 170. So, on my quest to revamp my diet into Fighter’s Diet, I thought I should find out more about what Mike has to offer.
While many of the tips included in this book can be applied to a more general life-style diet, the focus of this book is on a weight-cut for a fight where the fighter needs to weigh in at a certain weight to be within a weight class.

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