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What is the best thing to eat after a hard workout, how to get rid of belly fat and love handles - Review

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How to Eat It: Tuck a few slices into an omelet, or turn the whole fruit into a superfood smoothie. Get the latest in men's style, grooming, diet, fitness and pop-culture trends every Wednesday.
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I'm a cyclist that trains after work, so I usually eat a protein-rich snack around 5:00 before I leave work (almonds, cheese, greek yogurt, etc) so I'm not hungry during my workout.
I alternate between cardio and crossfit workouts, but always end up having the same snack afterwards - a high protein nut and peanut butter bar.
This weekend after a long afternoon hike I had a bowl of cottage cheese with banana and honey. I exercise in the morning, so I usually have an egg casserole with a good amount of carbs (potatoes or sweet potatoes) in it, along with a few slices of avocado. The first hour after a workout is the key window for getting your body the protein to rebuild muscles, and some kind of sugar to keep you going while your body starts the recovery process.
After my morning long runs, I refuel with flax seed (or other seed or berry) pancakes and a hot mug of coffee. While it is still a common belief that eating just before exercise will slow you down or somehow inhibit weight loss, countless studies have shown that it is in fact quite the opposite. You should always begin and end every workout with water; at least one glass about an hour prior to exercise and one following. Proteins such as meat, fish or beans should be consumed when possible within a half hour following exercise to aid the body in repair and storage of recovery fuel.
Since carbohydrates are the main fuel for our muscles (which means that a lot are burned during exercise), our muscles can store carbs and protein as energy and help with recovery 20-60 minutes after exercise, so this is the prime time to consume them. Ultimately the best thing that you can do is to start the day off with a power packed breakfast and follow that with four to five small meals and snacks throughout the day. Make the most of your protein powder by pairing it with carbohydrate-rich foods like juices, shakes, or even a bowl of polenta. Though they weigh in at just 70 calories apiece, eggs contain all nine essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein), plus branched-chain amino acids, which help reduce muscle damage in the body. Luckily, the same antioxidants that get things going in the bedroom will help you out at the gym, too: A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that subjects who drank 24 ounces of tart cherry juice every day (the equivalent of about 120 whole cherries) experienced less muscle soreness and just a fraction of the usual strength loss after exercise.

Fresh juices are more likely to preserve the beneficial anthocyanins and flavonoids naturally found in cherries. It takes just 15 minutes, and you can throw in a cup of sweet potatoes for the ultimate recovery drink.
Not only is it a great post work-out food, those three items were always stocked at the dining hall. The ingredients depend on what I've got on hand - usually dates or a banana, soy or almond milk, ice, a little spoonful of nut butter, and a pinch of salt. I eat something with easily available sugars immediately after my workout like a Glenny's bar so that I can make dinner without feeling woozy. This morning after a quicker but more intense hike I had poached eggs on whole wheat bread.
The protein helps to rebuild damaged muscle tissue, and the carbs replace your glycogen (read: energy) stores that were repleted during the workout. Chocolate milk This was pretty surprising, but many readers cited chocolate milk as their favorite post-workout pick-me-up.
After a hard workout, I usually have chocolate milk, Aria whey protein powder in milk or water, sweet potatoes, or almonds and fruit.
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Apart from the fact that frequent or extreme caloric deprivation has been shown to lead to increased stores of body fat, there is the simple fact that our bodies, much like a high powered machine, needs a power source in order to function properly. Drinking regular sips of water during exercise is of crucial importance to replace the water you lose while working out. This as opposed to consuming it pre-workout, as it is slow to digest and takes oxygen and energy delivering blood away from the blood vessels in your muscles. If you wait to eat long after you work out you simply won’t reap as great a benefit as if you eat soon after.
This will provide you with more energy overall, despite the demands of your workout or daily life. And if you're after the most nutritional bang for your buck, don't even think about throwing away the yolk: That golden center is home to half the protein, not to mention all of the egg's vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. This powerful protein-carbs-fat trio was a popular choice for many Kitchn readers, who said it was filling enough to satisfy them after a hard workout and hold them until their next meal, but not too heavy or calorie-laden to blow all their hard work.

I'll often have a shake, but good 'ol chocolate milk also fits the bill perfectly (in moderation of course!).
Whether it’s batteries for an electronic device, solar power for a heating system, or fuel for a car, the energy has to come from somewhere. The ideal fuel to consume depends on the type and length of activity you will be engaging in. This is because starting the day off with breakfast (especially containing a complex carbohydrate high in fiber, like oatmeal with berries), will give you more energy during your workout as well as throughout the day. Ingested after exercise, whey produces an insulin spike, encouraging muscles to absorb glucose and replenish energy stores, all while naturally occurring lactoferrin gives your immune system a boost. As for Rocky's infamous sports drink, "there's no evidence that raw eggs beat cooked," says Michael Matthews, author of Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body. Green tea is good for you well beyond the gym, says Antonucci: Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), one of its key compounds, has been shown to help treat a number of chronic inflammatory conditions, from cancer to Alzheimer's and heart disease.
After long runs (8+ miles) I'll also have a banana or coconut water for electrolytes and potassium.
The sugars from the fruit provide the necessary carbs for refueling, while the protein (from yogurt, powders, or nut butters) helps fill you up.
Eating such a light-weight, high energy food about two hours before a workout will give you sufficient energy to power through exercise without feeling heavy and sluggish. Turns out, under the usual butter and cream, these humble roots are actually a bonafide superfood, complete with three days' worth of vitamin A and 26 grams of carbohydrates to restore your glycogen supply. Whereas skipping meals (particularly breakfast), has a contrary effect on weight loss, and contributes to spikes in blood sugar, increased hunger, binge eating, and as a result – ultimately weight gain. Plus, each vegetable contains a healthy dose of fiber, keeping you full—and far away from the gym vending machine.

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