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What is macros diet, how to get abs in 4 days - Try Out

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Join Date Mar 2007 Posts 91 Need help to modify my diet to fit macros and calories The diet that I'm writing up at the moment is attached. Join Date Oct 2009 Location Knoxville, Tennessee, USA Posts 157 I know this isn't what you asked, but I have to say it: DUDE, YOU'RE NOT EATING ANY VEGETABLES! EDIT - To anyone getting frustrated writing their diet (like me, many times) it makes it loads easier to use a spreadsheet.
Join Date Mar 2007 Posts 91 I bought all the food on the list today, checked with the nutritional info on the packets and theres a pretty big difference between what was online and on the packet. As you may have heard, 10 days ago I started the Ohsawa diet in order to cleanse and purify my body. The macrobiotic diet first appeared around the end of the last century, when a Japanese army doctor (Sagen Ishizuka) established a theory of nutrition and medicine based on the traditional Oriental diet.
For a better understanding of the macrobiotic diet, here are the three categories of macro foods, from most frequent to less frequent.
In the macrobiotic diet, it is believed that if we eat foods that are whole, local and in season, our bodies will get the ideal yin and yang needed.
The second book I recommend is The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health: A Complete Guide to Naturally Preventing and Relieving More Than 200 Chronic Conditions and Disorders by Michio Kushi and Alex Jack. First of all, the Ohsawa diet is not for losing weight, it’s for detoxing, cleansing your body and balance your energies. I’ve been looking all over the internet for a good explanation and introduction to Macrobiotic diet and lifestyle, this is exactly what I was looking for!

The macrobiotic diet contains foods like whole grains, beans and bean products (like tofu), organic vegetables (local and in season), soups, sea vegetables, desserts (sweetened with rice syrup, barley malt, fruit and sometimes maple syrup), a little fish, a little fruit, pickles, condiments, nuts, seeds and non aromatic teas.
Fruit. This may be a shock to you but actually fruits should rarely be eaten in a macro diet.
Sea Vegetables (Seaweeds). Another important part to your macro meal would be are sea veggies.
Soup. Soups are a very important part of a well-balanced macro diet and should be eaten daily. Fermented Foods. Tempeh is ideal but you can also try pickled veggies which bring lots of good probiotics in your diet.
I absolutely loved them and I think they’re very useful if you want to start a macro diet.
Yes, for some it may act as a weight loss diet as well (As it was the case for me) but for others it won’t work like that.
I use to follow a macrobiotic way of eating, as I was constantly struggling between an overly yang and then ying eating patterns. I also found so many great macrobiotic recipes and I was amazed by how delicious they look. However, having a macrobiotic lifestyle doesn’t mean you’ll never eat chocolate again or never have a margarita! Soups that contain grains, veggies, sea veggies and beans are an ideal macro meal in a bowl.

Of course, if you are vegan or vegetarian you can just skip it, it will not affect the diet in any way.
The less processed foods are, the better. This is one of the most important principles in the macro diet. Also, I haven't really accounted for a pwo meal, don't really know what to do there Dec. For example, I craved fruits and veggies the first days but managed to keep the diet until the end. Other than this, I try to eat as many root veggies and greens as I can (these are very recommended in the macro diet). Now that I’ve shared with you my Ohsawa experience (which I strongly recommend!!) I will also tell you everything you need to know about how to begin a macrobiotic lifestyle. For a long time I wanted to achieve this weight goal but as I told you before, diets aren’t really my thing.

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