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What is a superset workout routine, face pulls exercise rear delt - How to DIY

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February 23, 2012 by Courtney 43 Comments I’ve got a great, full body superset workout for you guys today!
Because there are no machines involved in this workout, you can easily perform these moves at home, at work, or anywhere else you have a set of dumbbells.
Absolutely love this, going to try it out in the morning, just what I was after, you must have read my mind! Oh this looks like a great work out, and perfect for me because I don’t have a gym membership at this time and do all my workouts at home. Just wanted to say that I decided to do this workout this morning and it was my first weights-related workout since my car accident 2 weeks ago.

I was doing the superset wrong until the very end- but then I figured out how its supposed to be done!
When I think back on what I ate yesterday, I realize I didn’t eat much protein outside of my chicken salad for lunch and found myself snacking on cookies and white cheddar popcorn. I began with a 20 minute treadmill workout that got my heart rate up and left me super sweaty.
My best solution is generally to eat exactly what will satisfy me, whether its a giant bacon egg and cheese on a bagel, or a slice of cake at 9:00 am.
Not sure what happened at the very end there…there was not a crazy hill approaching the finish line.

Supersets are designed to cut out downtime between sets, which increases both your metabolism and your heart rate, because the body works harder afterward to recover. These are my favorite kinds lately… I just did a ST workout today, but will save this for Saturday! I walk and bike everywhere (not only because I do not have car), I always bring my own bags to stores, I do not take ice baths, I recycle, I do not buy a lot of cloths, just what’s really necessary, I unplug el.

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