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What does a wolverine look like, daily workout routine to get a six pack - .

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Casey travels to Alaska for some hands-on work with the king of the weasel family, the wolverine. Like many great badasses, one of the coolest things about Wolverine is that nobody really knows where the hell he came from or why the fuck he always seems to want to impale people through the face with a half-dozen foot-long claws forged from a metal so intense and hardcore that it doesn't even exist in real life. Wolverine also possesses heightened animal-like senses, which he presumably honed in his many years of being Canadian.
After he got bored of cage fighting for money and harvesting maple syrup by decapitating trees with his claws, Wolverine joined the X-Men, where he was originally drawn by a guy named Cockrum.

With the use of high-speed cameras, Casey breaks down what makes the wolverine such a feared and respected predator! Jens Persson from the  Swedish Wolverine Project, wolverine claws are believed to be semi-retractable but are actually fixed. These claws are also curved and therefore ideal for hooking and shredding.In terms of behaviour, the wolverine is fearless. However, like the much more powerful leopards and lions it would very likely have a very hard time getting through the honey badger's hide.

There is of course the question of whether the wolverine could suffocate the honey badger via biting the throat. We didn't see him again for a week and when we did he had a very embarrassed look about him.

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