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What are traps on the body, protein in beef brisket - For Begninners

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If you have the strength to bodyweight, do a pull up variation like, bringing your knees up to your chest and turning your body so your back is parrelel to the floor then pull yourself up till your shins hit the bar. The best way to target the middle and lower traps for me at least is do a dumbell shrug with the dumbell restin on my ass behind me. Just so you know, Deadlift 500 for reps and your traps will be bigger than you can imagine. PS, my traps are massive, probably much bigger than yours.Everybody asks me if I'm on roids because of how my back and traps look. Do us all a favor and post some .jpeg's of yourself instead of hiding behind the computer screen with your 135 bench. You admit I'm bigger than you, than tell me to lose fat so that I'm your size, yet my abs are more visible than yours and bigger. Actually thats the start up stance before powerlifters sit into their lift and get a proper back arch.
Powerlifters are known for shit Deadlift form, at the highest levels to deadlift your gonna need a rounded back, however if your a muscle filled monster like Konstantin Konstanovs its not as bad as some normal lifter, also they have worked with that form to make sure while rounded their back never moves during the exercise as to not strain the back slip disks etc.
A thing you can do for traps Is isolate them with single shrugs, hold onto a machine (like something a bar going from the floor to the ceiling something like a striper pole lol) lean to the side then do shrugs, like you would with say a lateral raise to increase ROM.

Also there isn't just one time of shrugs, you got dumbell shrugs, shrugs behind the back are really great.
Yet, they are pulling 800+ and 99.9% of the people flaming them will never see a 400-500 deadlift in their life, much less to say 800-900. Brb , KK pulling 800+ for reps with 'bad form' and not giving a !&$% about others saying he has bad form because he can lift 2X what they do and get the bar up.
I'm a huge fan of Powerlifting but the reason those monster can pull of that bad form , is they are huge and covered head to toe in muscle which stabalizes them. Also many are very careful with their bad form making sure not to move their back at all throughout the lift when its hunched which is something most people dont realise, so their is finesse to their form.
When you see the guy swinging his elbows and arching his back to do a huge Bicep curl you dont say it's good form, yet using that form your going to get a heavier weight than a normal. Your gym seems similar to the concentration camps the Jews were in, and for that I am sorry for you. PS, I don't feel my lower back on 405 deadlifts from the floor, because I can rack pull 455-475+ for reps.
Nah man, I tried that once, couldn't even get the 4th rep up of something I normally did 10 reps+ of.

That's not to take away anything you've achieved in the short time you've been lifting, don't get me wrong.
Your traps don't have 15 different heads that require you to target this area or that area.
It might work for Zeph and that's what we're here for (or should be here for) - to help other lifters. He talked about how his Deadlift form uses a ton of abs, and you can see the product of that.
Same thing happens to me, the only thing I feel while deadlifting is my Abs & Quads exploding. I don't know if you realize this ethan but there are MEN who are bigger then you on this site, myself included, that don't go posting pictures up so are internet ego can get stroked.

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