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What are obliques used for, weight loss tips for women under 30 - Test Out

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Static-stretching exercises target the internal obliques and help increase your range of motion.
Sine the internal obliques help laterally flex your torso, lateral-flexion exercises are extremely beneficial.
The captain's chair effectively strengthens your internal oblique muscles, but it requires a good amount of upper body strength to use. The bicycle maneuver, the second of the two best oblique exercises, requires you to lie on your back on an exercise mat.
The internal oblique muscles are located within each side of your abdomen, attached to the lower four ribs and to the iliac crest of the pelvis.
The side-bend stretch is like the side-bend warm-up, except that you hold the end position for 10 seconds on each side, and repeat.
In 2001, a study on abdominal exercises resulted in the find that the captain's chair and the bicycle maneuver stimulated the most oblique muscle activity.

Stimulating the blood flow to the internal oblique muscles will increase their flexibility. Be sure to engage in cardio workouts for 30 minute intervals at least four times a week for effective results with the internal oblique exercises.
This would be considered the fiber …direction of your External obliques which are the most superficial abdominal muscles.
Training your internal obliques with regular exercise can help them function properly and keep them strong. To perform the captain's chair exercise, stand upright, resting your forearm against the arm pads.
Walk your feet forward, allowing the back of your pelvis, middle back, and upper back to slide down the ball. The following exercises are used for sports medicine purposes, as well as for the general training of the internal obliques.

As your raise your shoulders and head from the ground rotate to one side to target the oblique muscles. Twisting sit-ups are like traditional sit-ups, but you twist to the left and right during the upward movement of the exercise, instead of keeping your torso straight and facing forward. To increase the internal oblique activity, bring your knees diagonally toward one elbow, and repeat on the other side.
The next layer of the abdominal muscles are the transverse abdominals whose fiber direction is parallel (horizontal) to the ground (when standing).

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