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Manganiello, however, refuses to confirm if Alcide's father is one of the new werewolves heading to the show. Meanwhile, one new face who will surely join the pack next season is Annie, the mother of late werewolf packmaster Marcus.
By Heather DayMay 31 0Ever since Joe Manganiello joined the cast of True Blood in season 3 as hunky werewolf Alcide Herveaux, he’s always elicited very obvious and very dramatic responses from fans, mostly in the form of long sighs, a flushed face, and the need to fan oneself. Joe Manganiello, who made his debut as the buff, scruffy werewolf Alcide last week, has been sweating for different reasons.

And finally, Allan Hyde, who very memorably portrayed the ancient vampire Godric last season and has been appearing in flashbacks in Season 3, discusses his own unique method of approaching his character.
The HBO series is currently casting for more lycanthropes and Joe Manganiello, who plays werewolf Alcide, gushed that the pack will be all over the show. He plays hot sexy alpha male werewolf Alcide Herveaux, an iconic character in the The Southern Vampire Mysteries novels that True Blood is based on.
I think the writers should either kill her off or expand her character and make her more the southern gentile woman she should be (with only the occasional expletive).

True Blood, which was just nominated for a best drama series Emmy, was renewed for a fourth season 2 episodes into the current third season. Creator Alan Ball and the cast might shed some light on the show’s upcoming death toll at the True Blood panel at Comic-Con this afternoon.

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