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Werewolf manga romance, bench press bench shirt - .

Author: admin
Okay, so, I just gotta fangirl a moment… Seriously, BB is one of my favorite manga, and I just love when it comes out!
She smells like a werewolf, according to Oscar, and I love Emily haha she’s hilarious.
More questions after this chapter, though… Man… Well, at least we also have the new Black Butler anime series coming up next month and a new chapter!

See, that time where the three women from the village came to the Green Manor, I think they were there for a reason, not just to help out around the manor.
No wonder the werewolves attacked people because they were trying to scare the Green Witch.
Wow, again, Black Butler is just full of messed up people lol It still amazes me to this day, even though I know it’s a dark, gloomy manga.

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