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Weighted workout ball, ab rollers do they work - Try Out

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The ZoN Weighted Exercise Ball offers a new twist on a classic fitness tool that has been used for decades to develop strength, coordination and endurance. Traditional medicine balls are great for sport specific core training, and help increase strength and stamina.
The company's weighted ball is similar to a medicine ball, or a weighted ball approximately 14-inches in diameter. Danskin weighted balls are suitable for exercisers of all levels and ability, and may be easier to handle for those who have never used a medicine ball before. Weighted balls originally got their start in sports medicine, helping to rehabilitate injured athletes. Medicine balls can be used to target several areas of the body including the shoulders, arms, core and back.
Any traditional medicine ball or weighted ball workout can be done with a Danskin weighted ball. Place the ball on the floor and lay down on your stomach in front of it so the ball is positioned between your feet and ankles. I’ve been working with Dynamax Medicine Balls for three years and I get so much great use out of them. Squat down holding the dynamax ball at chest level, on your way up from the squat, use your legs to throw the ball as high as you can. ShareStress is poison to your body. Stress can lead to health issues such as weight gain, sleepless nights, and headaches to name a few.
Spike your abs workout with five resistance moves to get that six-pack you crave in a fraction of the time. Set Up: Sit on top of a stability ball with knees bent and feet flat on floor, holding a single weight plate with both hands.
Action: Keeping your arms extended above you, slowly curl yourself up until your upper back is off the ball [B].

Set Up: Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart, holding a medicine ball with your arms straight above your right shoulder as though you are wielding an axe [A]. While most weighted balls are helpful workout tools, Danskin weighted balls are softer and more flexible than traditional weighted balls. Unlike traditional medicine balls, which have a heavy, firm outer covering similar to the feel of a basketball, Danskin balls are soft. Additionally, there are several other exercises that can only be done with the softer ball. It should be heavy enough to give you a good resistance workout, but not so heavy you risk dropping it or letting it get away from you.
Grip the ball between your ankles and curl your knees, pulling the ball upward toward your bottom.
As you’re coming up from the sit up position throw the ball at a wall or work-out buddy.
Lean back slightly, lift your feet and cross your ankles, then twist the ball from side to side.
Use this weighted ball for any overhead exercises, such as Overhead holds, OH Walking Lunges or OH Squats. Slowly lean back and roll yourself down until just your shoulders, back and hips touch the surface of the ball - your head should stay in line with your torso.
Tuck a small medicine ball (4.4 pounds to start) between your knees and squeeze your legs together to keep it in place.
Stop when the medicine ball reaches the outside of your left calf [B], then reverse the move.
Additionally, the ZoN Weighted Exercise Ball is available in a variety of weights and sizes to provide a simple yet effective solution for your total body conditioning needs. You may need different weighted balls for different exercises depending on your fitness level.

Twist your upper body slightly to the right so you are now holding the ball above your right shoulder.
Contract your abdominal muscles as you lean back to hold you in place.Twist from side to side, gently lowering the ball at the end of each twist to touch the floor before raising it and twisting to the other side. This will force you to go down to a certain level and it helps to guide your form by keeping your weight in your heels. I like Dynamax balls because they are soft shelled weighted balls that are easier to handle and toss around. Press the weight above your chest so that your arms are straight and perpendicular to the floor [A].
The ultimate in versatility, this weighted ball enables you to target specific core, upper and lower body muscles with simple arm movements and holding positions. Take the medicine ball over your head and slam it down as hard as you can on the ground, squat down to pick the ball back up and repeat. I also find it very useful to use while performing a squat, by placing the ball behind you it forces you to sit back on your heels and go down to a certain level. Twist to the left as you pull the ball down and across your body, throwing the ball to the floor beside your left foot.
From upper and lower body strengthening and toning to core and lower back conditioning, this weighted ball is versatile, fun, and easy to use for all ages.

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