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Weidman knocks out silva replay, fit in 60 schedule - Review

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Update: Chris Weidman beats Lyota Machida via unanimous decision in the main event of UFC 175. Lyoto Machida (21-4) is the former UFC light heavyweight titleholder who wickedly shocked the world with a second-round knockout of then-champion Rashad Evans to capture his first title at UFC 98 five years ago. On July 6, Chris Weidman shocked the world by handing Anderson Silva his first ever KO loss. Fraser Coffeen: Silva’s hips may not be great in frame #1, but they’re downright terrible in frame #3. Connor: The hammerfist Weidman throws after the straight right has a curious way of looking uniquely weird from every single angle. Fraser: That hammerfist is little, but like Connor says, it does its job in distracting Silva.
Speaking of Stephan Bonnar, let's talk about Silva's past use of clowning antics and wild head movement. Connor: Also consider that when he was knocked out, Forrest was running straight at Anderson (GIF). For the sake of comparison, look again at Silva's posture at the moment Weidman's punch landed. Fraser: I've long touted Silva as the best MMA striker in the world, and I still think that's true.
So many concepts of scientific striking are encapsulated in this finish that it pains me to think that the world will largely remember Chris Weidman's win as some sort of fluke, or blame Anderson rather than applauding the man who knocked him out. I don't think so, his two fights against Silva were flukes, in the first fight Anderson just got caught cause he was clowning to much, he was about to start going matrix style on Chris and put him away. In his last fight, he has knocked out his new training partner, Mark Munoz through a head kick in the first round. Experience and witness the exciting and awesome octagon actions, excitement and thrill of UFC 175 Weidman vs. Just a tap on the chin and the long-reigning middleweight champion crumbled to the UFC 162 mat with the usurper, Chris Weidman, following him to the ground to pound out a vicious and historic win. Anderson is pretending to be hurt when Weidman connects with a long left hook that serves its purpose in driving Anderson toward his right hand. Weidman flails at Anderson with an awkward right hammerfist while bringing his feet back into position. Weidman hops forward with another long left hook that catches Silva in a terrible position with his chin hanging in the breeze.

His eyes followed Weidman's right hand straight back to Weidman's torso, and meanwhile the left is zipping around outside his field of vision. Anderson has caught a lot of flak for supposedly giving the fight to Weidman with his arrogant behavior, and perhaps that's true to some extent, but Anderson was able to use those same tactics throughout his career. Just as Connor pointed out above, Forrest is 100% planted here, which may give him more power, but that power is irrelevant if he can't connect a single shot.
Silva hit him with the right hand, and was already moving to his own left, Forrest's right, when Forrest fell.
The only other thing I'll add is that against Griffin, Silva lets him get off 2 shots before countering. Now let's examine why Anderson was able to eat the H-bomb, but fell to the much less vigorous punch of Chris Weidman. Because a lot of people are not giving Weidman any credit and are only looking at the things Silva did wrong, making it seem as if Weidman was just a prop who happened to be there when Silva self-destructed. Perhaps this moment marks the beginning of a new age in which Silva-esque mental tricks won't be enough to rule a weight class for nearly a decade. The second fight was a freak injury, he was about to start hitting Weidman with his advanced striking and knock him out. Anderson Silva has looked so untouchable for so long, it was hard to believe that a wrestler with less than ten fights was able to render unconscious the man who had ruled the UFC's middleweight division so absolutely for seven straight years. What is particularly interesting to me here is that Silva is out of position with his hips squared in frame 1. Everyone knows that saying about the punch you don't see coming being the one that knocks you out, but it's completely applicable here. The reason he can take such advantage of Silva's off-balance stance is that he is pushing forward (look how far forward Weidman comes in those 4 frames).
Weidman connects on the 4th shot in the combo, and Silva showed no signs of throwing a counter punch any time soon. It would be easy to watch the stills, GIFs, and replays and simply say, "Well, that's why you fight with your hands up." But that all-too-popular conclusion misses the point by a mile. SO my point is that Weidman just got lucky and Anderson will take his belt back and expose Weidman.
Anderson is meanwhile squaring his hips, possibly to stop the takedown or else out of sheer carelessness. After Weidman throws that hook, Silva brings his right foot back (frame 2), which actually puts him back into a proper position.

I'm reminded of this GIF, of Stephen Thompson knocking out Dan Stittgen with a very light head kick. If he simply hung back, Silva would have been able to regain his footing and his temporary slip-up would have passed right by.
There's only so long you can evade before you need to either fire back or get out of there, and Silva did neither. Compare Anderson's fall to this GIF of Manny Pacquiao being knocked down by Juan Manuel Marquez. Yes, Silva did make some fundamental errors, but some of those errors were caused by Weidman's own actions, and it was only Weidman's work that allowed him to capitalize on the errors in a way that previous opponents have not. I can't take the fact away from him that it worked in four of those five matches, but in the same vein I can't take anything away from Weidman by saying that Silva "went too far" in his showboating.
Weidman was just the first man capable of overcoming the inimitable aura of Anderson Silva and, with a potent combination of confidence and skill, finished the man no one thought could be finished. I love the fact that Weidman used the long left hook correctly, even if it didn't quite work at first. In fact, Anderson probably didn't know that left hook was coming until he was watching the replay on the big screen after the fight. As he moves in and out of Forrest's range, he takes steps with that left foot, but always keeps it roughly a shoulder's width from his other foot, and always keeps it slightly back so that his hips and feet never come square. That allows him to keep his options open and continue evading - something he failed to do against Weidman. Though his stance and position were horrendous, Anderson was moving at an angle away from Weidman after dodging the right hand. For a recent example of how a long left can be used to "corral" the opponent into the rear hand, check out this GIF of T.J. He simply didn't predict that Chris' footwork would be as good as it was, and Weidman closed the distance perfectly to land his shot. That allows Silva to keep his feet square and just use side to side movement to avoid the shots. Contrast that forward movement with the eventual frustrated charge of Forrest Griffin, whose head comes into range well before his feet and hips, making Silva's pawing jab far more devastating than it would have been otherwise.

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