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Sleep: If you are work at late night every day, then you have increase the percentage of your belly fat because losing sleep that can also change your hormone production, affecting your cortical levels that the foundation of insulin sensitivity. BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate) is the one which everyone has to notice, which indeed means that Metabolic rate is the amount of metabolism taken place in our body which will burn the fats from your body. Then have some bath, because having bath with warm water will make your body fresh and also it is said that water treatment is a good idea which will also reduce many diseases and also they will burn fat. In between breakfast, lunch, and dinner better to have some fresh fruits and vegetables that will help in providing necessary nutrition which is necessary to keep body active throughout the day and during snacks time prefer some biscuits that will easily digest as now-a-days many manufacturers are trying to provide products like ragi, barley, oats keeping in mind the health. Avoid processed food which consists of completely saturated fats like burgers, pizzas, and artificial preservatives that are preserved for more time.
Maintain timings of your diet because when you eat at irregular intervals the body may not be able to produce the digestive enzymes to digest food and digestion will take more time which undoubtedly is the reason for increasing fat storage.

Flat stomach exercises diet tips - lose belly fat, Discover how to lose belly fat with diet and exercise tips for a flat stomach.
So, you getting about 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night in a day is one of the best thing of your burn belly abdominal fat fast. Therefore, you should avoid eating sweets and try to reduce stress as much as possible to maximize your fat loss. Have the calculations of how much metabolism is taking place with your daily routine work.  If this routine work is not helping you increase your metabolic rate and burn the unnecessary fat from your body parts which are stored because excess of carbohydrates and sugars that take more time to digest and sufficient physical work is not done which will burn all these excess calories, will in turn deposit in the form of fat and cholesterol in your body.
Lemon mixed with warm water will produce heat in your body which indeed will burn it and vitamin C, automatically help in reducing cholesterol.
But instead of having tea or coffee, it is better to replace them with Green Tea, Lemon Tea, or Honey Tea etc., which will help in producing anti-oxidants that will reduce fat.

Proteins will require 30-40% of metabolism rate increase when compared with carbohydrates that will require only 3-4%, is the better way to reduce fat.  Proteins are the muscle builders and will raise metabolism to digest. Not only is belly fat unattractive, but it has been scientifically linked to many health problem such as bloating, diabetes, heartburn, heart disease and many others problems in your body and so, if you are thinking about running in order to easy ways to lose your belly fat fast. Therefore, you require using best fitness steps to leave your problem easily, and subsequently you read following given these helpful steps to lose your belly fat effortlessly.

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