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More money is spent on protein powder and whey than any other supplement and its important you understand exactly what you are buying or you will fall for the marketing hype and waste money. Turns out that the fat, protein, and carbs in whey are molecules of different sizes so you can concentrate the protein by squishing it thru a fine filter mesh.
To find the percentage of protein, take the number of grams protein found on the bottom line (27g) multiply that by four and divide by the number of calories shown at the top (here 140 calories). If you use protein powders you have to understand exactly what whey is and how it is made or you are doomed. Using this old school method is simple and cheap and concentrates the whey protein from 13% protein up to about 25% protein. Vegetarians like myself need to rely on dairy and eggs for our high quality protein but the rest of you have some excellent and inexpensive options.

For a bodybuilder to get enough protein from fresh milk they would gain bodyfat at an alarming rate. Modern filtering can do a much better job at filtering the protein away from the fat and carbohydrates, up above 90% protein by calories! Companies really push this stuff and they do have high protein densities, around 95% protein by calories, but I don't like them. Well, lets look at nonfat milk, the quality of the protein is just as high and it's protein density is twice as high - 40% of the calories are from protein. Still not great, a mature bodybuilder would still get fat if that were their only source of protein but as I mentioned before, for a very active growing teen this could be a very economical alternative to expensive protein powders. You can buy whey in this form, in fact, many of the organic whey powders are only available in this form.

Better yet, nonfat milk powder is more convenient and cheaper per serving but again, its only appropriate for people who have very high levels of energy expenditure. Again, because of their low protein density they are not of much use in my view - you might as well eat my favorite food of all time which is black beans.

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