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I really need to watch more than the Food channel and HGTV – there seem to be some good shows out there! And while my daughters were glued to either Jersey Shore, (Still trying to figure out what the heck a Snooki is.) America’s Top Model and even, Project Runway, I was turning up my nose and heading to my office to write. My affliction hit me over the weekend when my daughter and I were watching TV and I was trying to get my “line-up” in order for the coming week. I admit there was a time when I used to sit in front of the box at least three hours a night, after work to relax.
First of all it’s, Shonda Rhimes latest “drama revolving around the life and work of a professional crisis manager and her dysfunctional staff.” You know, Shonda. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Olivia’s staff—five hot shots—four attorneys and one ex-CIA-scary-military dude—who work in her “non-law firm” and are loyal to her and what they do. Whether it’s film, television or books—good writing is good writing, and Scandal’s writers deliver. New seasons of "Scandal" and "Psych" highlight the new releases to Netflix in May, and we tell you what episodes to look forward to by picking the best of the best.
The first season was streaming on Netflix over the holidays and I spent an entire weekend burning through one episode after another. I thought it was the result of television executives running out of things to produce, so they think of shows like Keeping up with the Kardasians.
They each bring intelligence and their own special abilities to the table when averting crisis and scandal.

The network, which has nothing to lose in its search for hits, has 13 new shows (seven in the fall) and you won’t find the usual doctors, lawyers and cops in the group. 3. Judd stars as a woman who learns that her son disappeared while studying abroad in Rome then decides to take matters into her own hands and travels to Europe to track him down. Ricky Gervais' sweet-as-candy story of a slow but pure-of-heart nursing home worker who only sees the good in his coworkers and patients didn't garner nearly the buzz it deserved last year. I rediscovered my love for the written word and began putting stories that have been stored on my hard drive, for more than 20 years, another try.
Little do they know that she’s there to exact revenge on the people who had destroyed her family. Allen plays the executive of an outdoor sporting goods company with a wife and three daughters at home. The show is being shot on location all across Europe including Prague, Istanbul and Dubrovnik. Olivia Pope has seen it all and taken care of just about any kind of potentially scandalous situation you can think of. It's not exactly a budding romance, but there's a lot going on in fleeting looks and meaningful gestures. You should, obviously, given the reasons listed above as to the show's many appealing traits, but you don't need to know anything to jump into the colorful world of the Belcher family. My guess is that the earlier episodes were filmed on location and now they’re using a set.

The soft-hearted man has never held grudges before, making the decision an odd one for his friends to try to understand.
You need to start from the beginning, and Netflix has the first two seasons waiting for you to do just that. Also, season three is the one that just ended on ABC, so you'll be completely caught up before Season 4 starts in September. You could watch any old episode on a Saturday afternoon and be right in the thick of things with the crime-fighting detective duo. I wouldn't choose it just so I could discuss the under-appreciated comedic chops of the endlessly rewatchable 2003 film, or drop a line about how hysterical Ford is during an interrogation scene where he air humps the one-way glass. I was ridiculously excited when Scandal had an episode with two Everwood alums–Tom Amandes who played Dr. While the first season is simply a masterpiece unto its own, I cannot with a pure heart name any episode the best if it asks us to root for the (West) Dillon Panthers -- it doesn't feel right anymore (if you don't know what I'm talking about, STOP READING).

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