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Watch black sails for free, proper bench press form arch back - PDF Review

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In advance of the January 25 premiere of Black Sails, Starz has decided to post the first episode of the swashbuckling drama online for free. Flint sits in his tent, waiting for the voting on whether the pirates of Nassau will vote to follow him or Benjamin Hornigold, former holder of the fort. So grab a bottle of rum, teach your parrot to say, "Gimme some booty!," and watch the pirate pilot episode embedded below.

We can expect more betrayals, and not from Vane.Last week Billy Bones confided to Dufresne that, when the Navy set him free, it was with the promise of pardons for nine men (including Billy) if those men helped bring Flint back for trial. On Black Sails season 2, episode 2, Flint is going to have to weigh his choices and allies carefully.

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