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While ‘beauty is [most certainly] in the eye of the beholder’ there are some traits we do know that make a physique more ‘attractive’. Chances are that even if you aren’t heavily clued in on fitness jargon, you are familiar with the term ‘The V-taper’ or ‘The V’ –  the “holy grail” of physique composition, and the biggest feature you should be focussing on when developing your own ‘cover model’ look.
Not only is lifting something heavy off of the ground (or on your back) totally badass, it will also help you in acquiring a cover model worthy physique. More and more studies are beginning to show that small amounts of cardio will not ruin your physique – on the contrary, it can actually help enhance physique composition if done in conjunction with strength training. One of the most important factors when it comes to building a Badass Physique is nutrient partitioning (fancy word for more of the food you eat being stored in the muscles and not around your midsection – aka #winning). So, now that you know the theory and science behind constructing a [Badass] cover model physique. Adam Ali used flexible dieting and the other methods in this article to get a cover model physique.
Unsurprisingly, training your whole body is likely to create a well developed and balanced physique.

DEADLIFTS AND OBLIQUE CRUNCHES > Well developed oblique muscles create their own natural V-Taper which adds to the complete package. SHOULDER PRESSES AND LAT RAISES > The width and structure of your clavicles plays a role in the look of your V-taper. If you have a good level of muscle development in the obliques, lats and deltoids, but are carrying too much abdominal fat to achieve a quality V-Taper, then focusing on fat loss and muscle maintenance is the key to getting the look. Sadik Hadzovic has quickly made a name for himself as one of the top competitors in the IFBB’s Men’s Physique division. Hence why, when we see a lean and muscular physique, we automatically associate it with virility and good health. One will put the ‘meat’ on you and the other will be used to ‘tweak’ and ‘refine’ your physique, and make sure everything is balanced and in proportion (see points 1 and 2). You’ve worked hard to achieve the upper echelon of physique badassery, not a lot of dudes will get here. No more 2 month cuts for summer and then neglecting your physique (and health) for the next 10 months.

So don’t be afraid to go out and have fun because you think missing one training session is going to ruin your physique. Variations of shoulder presses (barbell and dumbbells) are essential for all-round mass, while using super-strict form with lateral raises will isolate the lateral deltoid fibres and specifically add width to your physique. Wide, round shoulders, one of the most important areas of focus for anyone training to build the ultimate v-taper physique. You are looking to achieve the upper echelon of Physique Badassery, and for this, improving work capacity is essential.

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