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Vegan bodybuilding diet without soy, weight loss management tips - PDF Review

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It has now been revealed that vegetarian diets beat virtually all other diets for building massive muscle. The Paleo Diet, Crossfit, etc have all been revealed as unscientific scam fad diets that were made to appear scientific by perpetrators such as Mark Sisson, Robb Wolfe, Loren Cordain, The Primal Diet, etc.
The best sources of protein are vegetarian, and the most massive huge muscled BODYBUILDER IN THE WORLD IS A VEGETARIAN.

This is because a vegetarian man has more testosterone and has not been ingesting meat and steak which contains ladies effeminizing horomones.
So in addition to the recently revealed Paleo Diet scam in which the paleolithic diet was found to be false, grassfed meat has now been exposed as a ruse.
In the time of Cavemen, this beef didn't even exist, so beef is disqualified from being allowed in the paleo diet.

If you're on a paleolithic cavman diet you cant eat beef, hamburgers, steak, barbeque, or any cattle meat.

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