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Upper chest and bicep workout, stomach fat burner - Within Minutes

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After sharing a collection of leg workouts back in February, it’s time share a bunch of my favorite upper body workouts that you’ve seen on PBF over the past few years.
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Oh jeez, this morning I seriously spent about 20 minutes online looking for an upper body work out I felt like doing. Some great workouts I will have to keep in mind Thanks for putting them all in one easy place to bookmark! If you are only going to work your upper chest and biceps once a week, then it’s best to challenge yourself with weighted movements. The incline dumbbell fly targets both the upper chest and biceps, so you can simultaneously strengthen two muscles.
The dumbbell incline curl works to specifically target the biceps muscle while using the shoulders for stabilization. Begin the last portion of your once-a-week workout with this standing stretch for your biceps and shoulders. Maggie Young studied journalism at the University of Kansas and is now an online editor for a publishing company.
Today, I thought I’d start to share the workouts that have helped me to tone up my arms.

I usually do at least 3 sets of every exercise and I like to try and increase my weight with each set.
I’m wearing a strapless dress in a May wedding and really need to focus on arms, shoulders, and back! Lie back on an incline bench and begin with the arms above you with a slight bend holding a dumbbell in each hand. She then proceeded to ask me what exactly it was that I was doing and asked me what I had changed.
I took some time to take some {awkward} gym photos to try and demonstrate how some of these exercises are done. However, I work out at Planet Fitness and we don’t have all that equipment that full lifting gyms have available to them. I’ll add new exercises into it here and there, but mostly my goal is to keep doing these same exercises, but slowly keep increasing my weights. Grasp dumbbells in each hand and bring them up to shoulder height on the sides of your chest.
Push your arms behind you and ground the hands into the ground with the finger pointed away from you.
Bring your arm up into a bent 90-degree angle and push against the wall or doorway while you pull the body in the opposite direction.

So today I’m sharing part 1 of a 3 post series on toning and building muscle in your upper body. If you’re unsure of how to do a certain technique, you can usually find some great pictures and tutorials online. Lower dumbbells to your sides until you feel a chest stretch and then bring them back up to the starting position to complete one repetition. Lift the arms up while simultaneously rotating the palms inward until they reach the chest. Over the past year, I’ve really upped my fitness game by cleaning up my diet and consistently pushing myself in the gym and on the pavement. Push straight up to full extension and then lower back to shoulder height to complete one repetition. Slowly pull the bar up to your chest and make sure your elbows locked to your sides throughout the entire movement. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat as many times as necessary to release tension in the muscles.

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