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Upper body exercises for circuit training, excess belly fat - Reviews

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January 4, 2013 by Katie Heddleston 5 Comments Today I have a fun upper body circuit workout for you! I have suffered from should tendonitis and impingement in my shoulders in the past, so I tend to shy away from any shoulder exercises.
After sharing a collection of leg workouts back in February, it’s time share a bunch of my favorite upper body workouts that you’ve seen on PBF over the past few years. Oh jeez, this morning I seriously spent about 20 minutes online looking for an upper body work out I felt like doing.

Some great workouts I will have to keep in mind Thanks for putting them all in one easy place to bookmark! You will likely find links to demonstrations of some of the exercises in the original blog post if some of the exercises are unfamiliar to you! I loved the way my body felt the next day and I’m pretty pumped to do this workout again!
Plus, since it’s workout with a buddy day for #StartClean2013, I think I’ll get John to do it with me!

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