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Upper back workouts with dumbbells, shoulder pain radiating down arm - PDF Review

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Wide Grip Chins Or Pull Ups- Wide grip chins will give your back the v-taper look. Wide grip chins (or pull ups) are known as being difficult to do. Dumbbell Pullover- Dumbbell pullovers is one of those exercise known as one of the best for developing mass for the lats and even the chest. Standing Cable Rows- This is an exercise that could be done at the end of your back routine. Cable Pull-Downs with Neutral Bar- Even though pull-up (or chins) are the best exercise for adding width to your lats, eventually you will need to give them a break. Behind the head pull-downs- This is another good exercise that need to be added to your back routine.
Reverse Grip Pull-Downs- If looking to add a little variation to your back workout, try reverse grip pull-downs.
Lying Dumbbell rows- Is a good exercise to change up from the t-bar row or one arm dumbbell rows. Two Arm Dumbbell Rows- If you find that all the barbells are taken at the gym on back day (don’t worry) give two arm dumbbell rows a try. Seated Reverse FlyStart: Grab a pair of light dumbbells and sit with your legs together on the front edge of a bench. Bent-Over RowStart: Grab a pair of dumbbells with an underhand grip, and stand with your knees slightly bent.
Elbow-In One-Arm RowStart: Holding a dumbbell in your nondominant hand, place your opposite hand and knee on a bench. Elbow-Out One-Arm RowStart: Start as you would for the elbow-in version, but hold a lighter dumbbell with an overhand grip. Hold a dumbbell with a hand-over-hand grip as you lie with your head, neck, and upper back in contact with a ball.
FitnessGrow New Muscle With This Unconventional ExerciseFor better results and muscle growth, give your body a new challenge. FitnessHow To Do A Pistol SquatUse this 3-step power plan to build stability and strength, with the king of all lower-body exercises - the pistol squat. Sitting on the edge of a bench, hold a dumbbell in each hand, letting your arms hang by your sides. Lie back on an incline bench and hold a light dumbbell over your head in your left hand, palms facing in. The workout routine proposed below has for objective the strengthening of your back muscles.
You'll only need access to dumbbells in order to go down the list of exercises and preferably access to a flat bench as well. Your back is comprised of the lower back, the lats (latimus dorsi) and well as the trapezius, which is located in your upper back and this quick routine makes sure to target them all.
Doing rows with the reverse grip would be like doing barbell curls leaning down, except you would be pulling the weight toward your chest.
Some might say cable rows are similar to doing barbell or dumbbell rows ,but the two are different. If your are new to bodybuilding, I would prefer you start with these before going to extreme lower back exercises such as dead-lifts or stiff legged dead lifts.
The t-bar machine rows allow you to use only your back muscles to execute the lift (unless you are cheating).

Like the t-bar row, it can be hard to cheat due to your chest being on the pad, meaning the back will get a good workout. After a proper warm up, grab some heavy dumbbells, and knockout some reps of 10, increasing the weight on each set.
The modified inverted row is a good exercise to do if you are experiencing lower back pain, and can’t perform the regular barbell row, or any other row exercises.
But if you're chasing your dream V-shaped torso, you'll need to combine your chest workouts with back exercises to balance out the muscle development. Lean forward at the hips to get your chest as close to your thighs as you can without rounding your back (keep it slightly arched, in other words).
Hold a dumbbell in your right hand and rest the back of your arm against your inner right thigh. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, palms up, and lean forwards so your forearms rest on your thighs and wrists hang over your knees. With cable rows, you are able to lean into the exercise and stretch the lower back while lowering the weight back into the stack. If you warm up properly, and use strict form, I don’t see anything wrong with doing this exercise. Hyper-extensions are easy to do, and will help with your posture, and other exercises involving your lower back. Even if you are pulling the weight with your back and not your biceps, your arms will still get a good workout as well. Unlike the t-bar rows, which has a bar which works the back simultaneously, lying dumbbell rows can be done using one arm or both together. To make this exercise interesting, do one rep using both dumbbells, followed by doing the next rep with the left dumbbell only, then the next rep with with right dumbbell only, followed by both dumbbells again. Although you do see people training their trapezius with shoulders, barbell shrugs are a major part of the upper back as well. Its also good to do at the beginning of your back exercise to warm up, or at the end end to exhaust your back muscles. This exercise will develop the upper and middle section of the back. Using a rope attachment will help bring in the stabilizing muscles of the lats, making your back more fuller and denser. Unbalanced strength could lead to injuries and even poor posture.These back exercises will help strengthen and stabilise your back.
Brace your core and lower the weight behind your head until your forearms touch your biceps; then press back up to the start, keeping your upper arms stationary.
I see men all the time who say they are looking to get a thicker and wider back, but only do two to three exercises and wonder why their back isn’t growing. Olympia Dorian Yates who had one of the best backs at that time preferred reverse grip barbell rows over regular grip rows.
You are also stretching and strengthening the lower back on the positive portion of the exercise. Most machine rows will allow you to work one arm which can help isolate your lats equally without one side over powering the other. Working the back with dumbbells develop the areas of the back the barbell miss, penetrating all the back muscle fibers. Make sure to keep your chest on the bench at all times to prevent cheating. Place one hand around the handle of a dumbbell and wrap the other one over the gripping hand.

Exercises such as the smith machine barbell rows will work your back in a different way from doing the standard barbell row. The reason why this will help with chins, is because your biceps are involved when performing chins.
Start with a weight which allow you to do 10 reps to get the feel of the different bar (This pic left is the bar I am describing). My opinion is people jerk the weight down to their trap area with bad form, which leads to injuries in the shoulder area. If the reverse grip rows pumps your biceps too much, you might want to stick with regular barbell rows. If you decided to do reverse chins, You will see that your biceps will most likely get a better burn than your back.
For me, I really feel this exercise in my upper back, from my traps to the middle of my back.
It takes consuming the right amount of protein during the day, and taking in protein at the most important time of the day, after your workout.
Always start your back routine with exercises such as barbell rows, pull ups, and deadlifts.
It is also important to get around 9 hours of sleep a day to help your body recuperate and grow from a hard workout. Imagine that your hands are hooks, and you have cables hooked to you elbows, pulling your elbows  straight back.
If you can’t for example do 10 reps of chins, but can do at least 4 reps, start with the 4 reps until you can do 10 reps.
This will insure that I will develop a thicker well balance back from from my traps, down to my lower back.
This will be like doing one arm standing pull downs, then the following week do the exercise with the machine set even with your chest. Try dumbbells, cables, and the ez-bar, they will all work your muscles in a different manner.
This example will help take the biceps out the workout to feel the back pulling the weight toward your body. Even using a different variation of the v-bar every week will have a major impact on gaining new muscle on your back. If I find myself lifting heavy weight, I usually always have a awesome workout. I find that most gyms I visited, will have this bar so give it a try to shock your back into new growth. Training your back effectively will help reduce back pain, improve overall strength, and help with your posture. Below I will list the best exercises that need to be added to your back routine to get your backing growing in right away. While reverse grip chins with shock your back into new growth, the reverse grip will also help strengthen your biceps which will help with your regular chins in the future.
If you feel any type of discomfort in you back, or especially your shoulders, stop doing this exercise. If you neglect to train lower back, your workouts will suffer, especially any work out routines which your lower back will be used in performing the lift.

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