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Upper back shoulder pain exercises, getting rid of belly fat women - Reviews

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Neck and shoulder pain are often associated with poor postural habits and weakness in the muscles that stabilize the shoulder blades and upper back. Pain in the neck is often caused by tight neck muscles either in the back or sides of the neck. To help relax and strengthen the muscles in your upper back and neck area, try the neck roll.
To neck and upper back pain exercises strengthen the muscles in your neck rather than just help them relax, try the neck wall exercise.

One way to stretch the neck is to simply tuck your chin slowly to your chest and allow the back neck muscles to relax.
You can lightly pull your neck down by putting pressure on the back of the head with your palms. Roll your head slowly to the left so your left ear is touching or close to your left shoulder. Just the weight of your arm should be enough to stretch your neck without you pulling down.

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