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When the UFC and 24 Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov combined on their first gym in the East Bay area near Oakland five years ago, the initial stream of customers looked much as you would expect at a large health club that hung a mixed martial arts promoter’s name atop its doors.
About 80 percent were dedicated UFC fans who knew that Georges St-Pierre was a fighter, not a fashion designer, and recognized a Kimura as a submission hold, rather than as Russell Simmons’ ex-wife.
This UFC Gym in Torrance, Calif., features the standard equipment, but also an octagon (below) for using mixed martial arts training to stay fit. Fast forward to a recent Thursday afternoon at a UFC Gym in Torrance, Calif., a 40,000-square-foot facility that anchors a suburban shopping center about 20 minutes south of Los Angeles International Airport, and the scene is quite different.
But the clientele doesn’t look much different from what you would expect in a large Southern California fitness center. If there is a genius behind the UFC Gym chain, it might be this: It is like other gyms in the ways it must be, but different from them in the ways that only it can be.

At a meeting set up by mutual friend Perry Rogers, former agent to Shaquille O’Neal and Andre Agassi, Mastrov and UFC Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta began talking through a concept Mastrov had for a new wave of fitness centers that would offer MMA training, but for those who were attracted to it as a way to stay fit, not fight. Fertitta, who not only owns an MMA company but trains in muay thai, was well aware of the growth in martial arts training in the last decade, and in the popularity of boxing and kickboxing as a fitness regimen. Torrance was the fourth of eight big box, owned and operated UFC gyms in California, New York, Honolulu and Sydney, each of them exceeding 30,000 square feet, or the size of a typical Best Buy.
In February, UFC Gym hired a longtime restaurant executive, Hannibal Myers, to head its franchise division. Regardless of whether it’s a big box or one of the smaller franchise operations, UFC Gyms all offer a handful of core classes meant to distinguish them.
To accelerate expansion, UFC Gym purchased the LA Boxing chain, adding 81 outlets in 23 states and moving to a franchise-model that applies the same workout concepts to 5,000-square-foot gyms operated by franchisees.

There is always Daily Ultimate Training, a team-oriented strength and conditioning program that moves throughout the gym, as well as classes in MMA, Brazilian jiujitsu, muay thai and boxing. And there always is a UFC Fit class, based on a series of DVDs designed by nutritionist Mike Dolce. Part of that almost certainly is attributable to the UFC’s social media culture, which has been a good fit for the chain.
You wouldn’t be living the UFC lifestyle by going to a restaurant and ordering Chuck Liddell chicken fingers.

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