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Tv series season premieres 2015, painful shoulder muscles - Reviews

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We hope your DVR is enjoying its summer vacation, resting its gears, motors and what not, because we’re about to drop on you more than 90 season and series premiere dates for the Fall TV season. Here is our round-up of September and October’s big bows (and a shout-out for CSI‘s series finale), plus a cursory look at what November has in store.
Choose from the drop-down menu when you want to receive the premiere date reminder and click „Remind Me“. Now that season 2 finale of The Fosters has aired, everyone wants to know when a third season will premiere.
UPDATED January 13, 2015: ABC Family announced today that The Fosters has been renewed for a third season.

I see that it appears the next Sunday as a timeslot premiere, so I assume this is intentional and not a really weird typo. The note next to Supergirl re: the November regular time slot has one time, and the box with select November premieres has a different time (one is 8 pm and one is 9 pm). The series is tricky as it tells the story of a family that is a gay interracial couple of two women. Before that, the same organization ("Millions of mothers") found itself in the center of another scandal when it boycotted the comedy series about a pair of gay men New Normal. Earlier in 2015, the ABC channel has officially confirmed the renewal of The Fosters season 3.

The good news comes ahead of the second half of Season 2, which returns with new episodes this coming Monday, January 19. There have been no official statements yet about the release date of a third season, but most likely it will take place in early to mid-June. Check back with us for the latest news or subscribe to our updates to get notified of the release date of The Fosters season 3.

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