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Tuf 20 coaches, stomach fat burn - How to DIY

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Pettis, who is coached by Duke Roufus, went on to say that training the ladies was a great way for him to learn how to evaluate the skill sets of different fighters and assess their strengths and weaknesses. There have been some tense moments between coaches in previous series of TUF, but Pettis said that he and Melendez focused on getting the coaching job done. UFC President Dana White described TUF 19 as one of the worst series of the show yet, but Pettis, who went on to say that he would be open to coaching on the show again, thinks that this series offers good value.

To make sure that members of Team Pettis were in good physical shape, Pettis drafted in his own strength & and conditioning coach, Matt Gifford (to get a glimpse at the type of drills and workouts that Gifford implements, check out his YouTube channel). Melendez did draft Nate Diaz on to his training team, but it seems that all in all the coaches and their respective entourages stuck to the business of trying to get their fighters ready. Once Pettis is done promoting the show, he will head into training camp to prepare for his first title defense against Gilbert Melendez (22-3), who also coached on the show, ahead of their December 6 fight.

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