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Tricep dumbbell exercises youtube, getting rid of lower belly fat after baby - Test Out

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This is a mid-range exercise as most of the tension is on the biceps in the middle of the rep.
This is a stretched position exercise as most of the tension is on the biceps at the bottom or fully stretched position.
This is a peak contraction exercise as most of the tension is on the biceps at the top of the rep when the biceps are fully contracted.
In the past I used to just focus my efforts around the big basic compound mid-range exercises, but by incorporating fully stretched movements and fully contracted movements I can tell that I'm stimulating muscle fibers that were not getting touched with just basic compound lifts. This exercise isolates the biceps and is good for getting a peak contraction in the muscles.
Moving only your forearm, use your bicep strength to curl the dumbbell up to shoulder level.

Start your tricep workout with a big basic compound movement, such as the Close Grip Bench Press, that heavily works the triceps throughout the mid-range of the exercise. By doing tricep extensions overhead you'll get a better stretch throughout the muscles and it will work more of the long head of the triceps. Doing this exercise with an EZ curl barbell will make the movement more comfortable on the wrists and still work the tricep muscles hard.
This is a good exercise to hit all three heads of the triceps with a good peak contraction and finish off your tricep workout with an incredible skin stretching muscle pump. Since your triceps are pumped and warmed up at this stage you can just jump to your working weight and do 3 sets of 10-12 reps for each arm. In fact when most people pick up a dumbbell for the first time they try to perform some sort of bicep curl with it.

Which basically means training each muscle group through it's full range of motion; starting with a compound mid-range exercise, then moving on to an exercise that works the muscle in the completely stretched position, and then finishing with an exercise that works the muscle in the fully contracted position. POF training utilizes the best of both compound and isolation exercises to work the entire muscle through a complete range of motion. The peak-contraction effect finishes off the muscle and helps further stimulate those reserve fibers you recruited with the stretch in the previous exercise. There is a big difference between adding 5 pounds to a 300 pound deadlift verses adding 5 pounds to a 30 pound dumbbell curl.

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